• Yoast SEO 3.5

    … as well. This means German and Dutch writers will now get a score that is meaningful for their language. Add @id to output Yoast SEO outputs JSON+LD metadata on the page. This metadata informs Google about whether this is a site for a person or a company, what your social profiles are, etc. This change, which is admittedly a bit more…

    Joost De Valk/ Yoast- 10 readers -
  • How to add markup to your email marketing

    … If you’ve ever used to mark up your webpages, you’ll know it’s a great way to help search engines interpret your content and create more relevant, rich and attractive search results. But its uses don’t begin and end with webpages. In this guide, I’m going to look at some of the handy things you can do with email markup – including…

    Search Engine Watchin EMail How To's- 7 readers -
  • The complete beginner’s guide to markup

    … webpages. The full list of things that you can mark up with Schema can be found here. Although it seems extensive, it doesn’t by any means cover everything that you might want to feature on a webpage, so there will be some things that the vocabulary just doesn’t exist for yet. But the vocabulary is always being updated and expanded, and if you’re…

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  • How to speak ‘Search Engine’

    … place it on the SERP. Yet in spite of this, a shockingly low proportion of website owners actually make use of it. Take, a markup language that is the result of a collaboration between Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex to create a structured data vocabulary that can be understood by all search engines. A study by Searchmetrics in 2014…

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  • Email Marketing 101: for Email

    …, adding songs to playlists, and reviewing flight information and restaurant reservations. The secret behind this unprecedented usefulness in unopened messages, as well as the increased interactivity within them, is markup—a type of microdata developed by a collaboration between the major players in search—Google, Yahoo!, Bing…

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  • How to optimize your restaurant website

    … table to sit at. Your menu. Not your website menu, but a list of all the food you’ll possibly be serving me at a certain price. Client testimonials. All the good stuff people tell me about your place. A way to make a reservation. Obviously. Now let’s look into these aspects of a restaurant website in more detail. Not sure how optimized…

    Michiel Heijmans/ Yoastin How To's- 15 readers -
  • Product Page SEO

    … chunks, but this time these chunks are not for Google, but for social websites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can highlight things like product images, and prices and availability. For WordPress websites, we have developed a plugin, Yoast WooCommerce SEO, that will make this a breeze. In the next example, you’ll find og:type…

    Michiel Heijmans/ Yoastin Social SEO- 10 readers -
  • Demystifying The Knowledge Graph

    … in determining both what implicit and explicit entities are on your webpage.) Takeaway: Make sure both your implicit and explicit entities send the same “signal,” i.e., are about the same topic, thereby strengthening the positive signal about that topic you send to search engines. Extends The Knowledge Graph For those of you who…

    Barbara Starr/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 23 readers -
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