Scott Cunningham

Scott Douglas Cunningham (June 27, 1956 – March 28, 1993) was a U.S. writer. Cunningham is the author of several books on Wicca and various other alternative religious subjects. His work Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, is one of the most successful books on Wicca ever published; he was a friend of notable occultists and Wiccans such as Raymond Buckland, and was a member of the Serpent Stone Family, and received his Third Degree Initiation as a member of that coven.
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    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released OpenDirect 1.0, a standard API for programmatic buying and selling premium inventory direct from publishers, for public comment. OpenDirect was initially created by AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yieldex to provide a guaranteed standard API for programmatic premium direct sales. Bionic Adverising Systems and MediaMath then joined the effort.

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