• .food goes live, and it’s a closed generic

    …. If .food winds up publishing content about food, such as recipes and healthy eating advice, I’d argue that it would go against the spirit of the rules on closed generics. It would be a bit like Apple getting .apple as a Spec 13 dot-brand and then using the gTLD to publish content about the fruit rather than computers. No sites are currently live in .food. Tweet Tagged: .food, closed generics, ICANN, lifestyle domain holdings, new gTLDs, scripps …

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  • Aussie government slams .food closed generic bid

    … from employees of registrars (both retail and corporate) and registries. One comment, taken at face value, appears to be pro-Scripps, but I’m fairly confident is actually just extreme sarcasm. The decision about whether to allow Scripps to add Spec 13 to its contract will be made by ICANN legal staff. ICANN told me this week that there’s no ETA…

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  • .food applies for dot-brand status, but you can help stop it

    … Scripps Networks, the company that runs the Food Network television network, wants to make .food a dot-brand gTLD that only it can use. The company has applied to ICANN to have Specification 13 exemptions incorporated into its Registry Agreement. Spec 13 is an add-on to the RA that dot-brands use to exempt themselves from having to sell…

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