The Reverend Frederick Henry Ambrose Scrivener, LL.D. (September 29, 1813, Bermondsey, Surrey – October 30, 1891, Hendon, Middlesex) was an important text critic of the New Testament and a member of the English New Testament Revision Committee which produced the Revised Version of the Bible. He was prebendary of Exeter, and vicar of Hendon.Graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1835 after studying at Southwark, he became a teacher of classics at a number of schools in southern England, and from 1846 to 1856 was headmaster of a school in Falmouth, Cornwall. He was also for 15 years rector of Gerrans, Cornwall.
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  • Getting Stuck, Unstuck and Taking Your Turn

    … early and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Having to wake up in the middle of the night to attend to my newborn son other the last year has trained me for instant alertness (unfortunately I’m yet to shake the habit). Cup of coffee in hand I sat down at my computer, prepared to create something… “Something?” I sat down to write, “something?” What…

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  • 9 Tools and Apps I’ll Use More Than Any Others in 2015

    … helpful resources if you’re looking to get started using this tool: SPI Podcast Session #142 with Joseph Michael – The Scriviner Coach 5 Reasons Why I Switched to Scrivener for All of My Writing – Michael Hyatt Learn Scrivener Fast Calendly I’ve been on a productivity fix lately, looking for the most efficient ways to use my time, but also…

    Pat Flynn/ The Smart Passive Income Blog- 33 readers -
  • Almost Travel Blogging: How to Be Safe and Profitable on the Road

    … keep a notebook on me during long wanders, etc. Essentially a process for maximizing the productivity around writing despite leading a not-so-normal life. Tools like Scrivener, Evernote, and a Moleskine Notebook are all my go-tos for getting this done. This is also really about knowing your business. Everyone’s is different and that means you…

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  • Tips and Tools for a Productive Blogging Workflow

    …-changing variety of news reading programs (just because every aggregator has a different collection). Once I find something interesting, I either save and tag it in Pocket or, if I’m at my desk, add links and notes to Scrivener. (You’ll be hearing about Scrivener a lot in this post.) Step 2: Outlining I find it’s best to have an idea of the post…

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  • Is the Art of Writing Dying?

    … was passionate about learning, spelling and the bright future that a good education promised. She made sure that I learned to write neatly and English homework was closely monitored and encouraged. As she was a stay at home mum we were always welcomed after walking home from school with a snack (often with freshly squeezed orange juice) and nudged…

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  • Writing Journal 27: Use Scrivener for Everything

    … later today, or perhaps tonight. Then on to the client’s nonfiction book. I did a rough edit of several chapters, and compiled them to PDF, so that I could send them to him. Scrivener makes it easy to send out as little or as much as you like of any project. A couple of students have asked me about ghostwriting with Scrivener, so let’s chat…

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  • Writing Journal 18: Scrivener and Blogging

    … scene, then went back to writing the next scene I’d outlined. Usually, I’d wait to fill in scenes until I finished the first draft. Whatever works. :-) Speaking of drafts. Second drafts in Scrivener Nicole Crail asked about “version control” of drafts in the Scrivener Community on Google+. You don’t need to use versions when you use Scrivener…

    Angela Booth/ Angela Booth's Creativity Factory- 8 readers -
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