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    • How to Ace Your Technical SEO (With Infograph)

      You must have heard a thousand times that ‘content is king’, and so, ever since you started thinking seriously about SEO, you have been focusing on content. It doesn’t take a hundred pieces of content for you to realize that there is something missing in this ubiquitous mantra. Yes, great content is the key to attracting powerful backlinks and having your off-page SEO strategy in place.

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    • G-Lock Apps Review

      G-Lock Apps is an email deliverability tool that was built to find out exactly why emails get blocked or filtered, why it happens and how to fix it so that the user can continue to send emails while maximizing all of the benefits that go with it. G-Lock Apps started out precisely because of the question “Why are my Emails going to spam?” and built around that problem are tools ...

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  • What We Think Link Building Will Be Like in 2018

    … algorithm has become so tight that it can actually inspect the quality of your content. It’s no longer enough just to simply produce 1000+ posts and hope it will do great solely due to the number of words you write. Your content needs to be of the highest quality in order to be picked up by search engines. Skyscraper The Skyscraper Technique…

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  • Google Updates Everyday: Here’s What You Need to Know

    … A couple of days ago, some webmasters were discussing what they believe to be a Google algorithm update. In response to that, John Mueller, a Webmaster Trend Analyst, kindly reminded everyone that “[Google] makes changes almost every day.” Webmasters will always experience the highs and lows that come with algorithm updates as their rankings…

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  • Everything That You Need to Know About Yoast SEO 4.4

    … is the ability to append redirects. Back then, 404 pages could only be redirected using a 301 but now, Yoast can now use 451, 410, 307 and 302 redirects. Another noteworthy addition is the upgrade done to the Yoast SEO Premium’s Internal Linking Tool. A positive change is the tool’s ability to recommend to add links that would “make sense” to the content…

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  • AMP Content Links Spread Outside of Search Results

    … of their platform AMP friendly. This upward trend will continue well on into the future – and I intend to be a part of it. Anyway, the “big publishers” will definitely continue experimenting and innovating with AMP and I think that’s great. Anything that makes the user-experience better is good for SEO, at least in my opinion. What are your thoughts with AMP? Do you like the changes that are happening? Let me know in the comments below! …

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  • Google Drops Unskippable Ads for YouTube

    … main concern, however, is that ads shouldn’t be intrusive but it should be good enough to be noticed. Do you have any experience with ads and/or content creation that you want to share? Let’s talk about them in the comments section below. …

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  • HTTPS Now Mandatory for Secure Data in Chrome

    … If your website is one that stores sensitive personal information such as personal data or passwords then please bear in mind that at the end of January, websites without HTTPS will be marked by Google as “non-secure”. I bet that got your attention – and rightly so because this is something that concerns a whole lot of people which includes me…

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  • Facebook is Testing a New Way to Show Ads on their Videos

    … We’ve talked about websites going Mobile-First for a while now and I think that’s a good thing. Mobile is essentially the primary way for people to access the internet as well as their social media accounts – and Facebook is one of the best examples for this. The Rise of Video Content Facebook apparently has the goal of making “videos…

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  • Boost your Social Media Presence With These Expert Tips

    … Google URL shortener. Another way is to put your URL in the tweet. when twitter fetches your page, delete the URL. Another weapon to keep in your arsenal is conversational ads. They are very effective. 3) Connect with Influencers “Rubbing shoulders with giants”, or so they say is a better tactic to enhance your social media presence than to rely…

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  • Google’s Mobile Interstitials Penalty has Begun

    … Google is keeping up with their efforts in making search more efficient by valuing pages that offer more content. This is part of their campaign to help users find the best answers to their questions with whatever device that they are using. On the other hand, this also means that they have to devalue pages that have what we call “interstitial…

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  • Minor SEO Errors That You May Be Making!

    … basic: Mistakes. I know what you’re thinking: Why the heck should we cover mistakes when we’re already so far ahead? My friends, that’s exactly why we should take a step back, breathe and admire the work that we’ve done so far and look at the possible mistakes that you may be doing. It will only take a couple of hours or so to check but believe me…

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  • How This Guest Posting Resource Made Link Building Easier

    … It’s finally 2017 and here we are with out first post of the year so let’s make it a little special. Let’s get started. Guest posting is one of the most important tools that an SEO practitioner has to be good at. This has been true from the beginning and this is even more true today where everyone is on the internet. The process is generally…

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  • Merry Christmas To All of You SEO Hackers!

    … We’re at the wonderful time of the year when we’re right smack in the middle of perfecting our craft for this year while preparing to transition to newer, bigger things for next year. Before anything else, however, allow me to say from the bottom of my heart: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU SEO HACKERS! It may not be out of place to say…

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  • Google’s “AMP Reports” Now Distinguish Critical and Non-Critical Errors

    … Google has recently announced that they made some changes to Google Search Console’s AMP reports which aims to distinctly distinguish between critical issues and non-critical issues. This is done to help users and webmasters understand the issues that would prevent their pages from being served with AMP-related issues on search as well…

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