• 3 Important SEO Steps to Take Right Away

      What if we’re thinking about SEO all wrong? You won’t be shocked to see such a question posed on this site — one that harbors posts in its archive with headlines like SEO is Dead and What if You Could Simply Eliminate SEO from Your Life? Don’t get me wrong: we’re not anti-SEO. Heck, we were recently awarded a U.S.

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    • Helping people in a crisis

      In times of crisis, access to timely, actionable information is crucial. Working alongside trained responders and volunteers on the ground, technology plays a vital role in providing information to help keep you and loved ones safe and informed. SOS alerts is a new set of features in Google Search and Maps to help you quickly understand what’s going on and decide what to do during a crisis.

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  • Video previews help you find what you’re looking for even faster

    …. For videos, we have traditionally shown a static image thumbnail in search results. But as more information moves to video, we’re working on new ways to give you useful glimpses, helping you quickly find what you’re looking for across video, too. Starting today and rolling out more widely next week, on the Google app for Android and Chrome on Android…

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  • Turn around, bright eyes… and experience the total solar eclipse with Google

    Move over, blue moon—there’s a more rare astronomical event in town. For the first time since 1979, a total eclipse of the sun is coming to the continental United States this Monday, August 21. Starting on the west coast around 9 a.m., the moon will begin to block the face of the sun. Not long later, the moon will completely cover the sun, leaving only the bright corona visib ...

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  • All your questions answered on Google Maps and Search

    When deciding where to go and what to do, we often ask ourselves lots of questions before making a decision. Soon, you'll be able to ask those questions, get the answers you need, and even answer other people’s questions about places on Google Maps for Android and mobile Search. To ask or answer a question—or read the existing questions and answers about a place—simply searc ...

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  • Achoo! Watch out for seasonal sniffles with pollen forecasts on Google

    … While most of you out there are enjoying the dog days of summer, some are bracing themselves for the fall allergy season that’s right around the corner. In fact, one in five Americans suffer from seasonal allergies. Across the U.S., we see that search interest for allergies spikes each year in April and May and then again in September. To help…

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  • Chillax, it’s National Relaxation Day!

    … to check out some of the yoga positions that are just a tap away. And don’t worry, if you’re not up for the Chakrasana, Bālāsana still counts. Namaste. More of a video viewer? You’re not alone. Guided meditation videos on YouTube are on the rise, with an 84% increase in views since last year. Some popular picks include Blissful Deep Relaxation…

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  • Type less, talk more

    …, in Gboard on Android, Voice Search and more. And now in the U.S. in English, you can use use voice dictation to express yourself with emoji. Bringing voice input to more global users To honor languages around the world, speech recognition will support ancient languages such as Georgian, which has an alphabet that dates back to the 10th century…

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  • It all started with a party: the story behind today’s Hip Hop Doodle

    … On August 11, 1973, there was a party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx—and four decades later, we’re still talking about it. Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the 44th anniversary of that party, which is widely credited as the birth of the Hip Hop movement. To learn more about the Doodle and the movement that inspired it, the Keyword team…

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  • The High Five: A GOAT, a pig and a calf

    … A GOAT, a pig and a calf walk into a barn … and you get a few of the most popular searches from this week. GOAT = greatest of all time Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is taking a pass at writing. The cover of his first book—which explains how Brady has stayed in wicked good shape throughout his career—was revealed this week. Brady’s big four…

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  • Gboard for iPhone adds drawing, Maps and YouTube

    … To all the Gboard fans out there: we’re adding some clutch additions to your favorite keyboard companion. Now with a tap of the G button, you’ll have access to both Maps and YouTube, making it easier than ever to share location and video content in any messaging app. Whether you’re coordinating a rendezvous point at the park or dinner plans…

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  • Celebrate El Clasico on Google Search

    … meet again in Miami at the Hard Rock Stadium for a pre-season friendly, as the world watches. To honor the moment these two teams will meet outside Spanish borders for the first time in more than thirty years, we’ve added some special features to Google Search. Now globally on the Google app for Android and iOS and the mobile web, when you search…

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  • Making the internet work better for everyone in Africa

    … in Lagos. Today, at our Google for Nigeria event in Lagos, we announced progress we’ve made in our products and features for users in Nigeria, including YouTube, Search and Maps. We also announced initiatives focused on digital skills training, education and economic opportunity, and support for African startups and developers. Digital Skills…

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  • The High Five: drive-thru and carry on

    …-thru between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. Based on search data, they’re most likely to pick up a Chalupa, quesadilla, Crunchwrap, nachos or burrito. And despite the launch and Taco Bell’s (in)famous “Fourth Meal,” this week most people are searching for tacos at 3 p.m. The tablet’s out of the bag TSA announced Wednesday that carry-on electronics larger than…

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  • 37 Ways to Rock Your Content

    …. Because it happens, my friends, it happens. Over on Copyblogger FM, we published an encore presentation of my podcast episode on the 10 quality signals that search engines look for on your site. These not only make your site look better, they actually … make your site better. Jerod wrapped up our list on the Sites podcast, with 10 goals that make…

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  • Connecting the Dots: How to Raise Your Search Rankings With Internal Linking

    … get the most out of their links. Navigation stations Most marketers have some understanding of SEO basics. You want to own unique keywords important to your business. You don’t want headlines to be too short or too long. Images, video, and other visual assets help. Since search engine bots constantly crawl your sites to gauge which pages are most…

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