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  • 5 reasons advertisers should NOT ignore Bing Ads

    … as the secondary choice when launching a paid search campaign. Marketers underestimate the true value of this ad platform and its unique audience. I have had great success with Bing campaigns; in some instances, the results far surpass outcomes obtained via the highly competitive Google platform. The last couple of years have been exciting for Bing Ads…

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  • Here’s an AdWords script to fill empty ad groups

    As you’ve probably noticed, Christmas is coming. It’s a busy time of year for many of us. But busy means both that it’s easy to make mistakes and that it’s important not to let them slide. That’s why it’s important to automate what you can: when it gets busy, mistakes can be caught — and even corrected — without taking up your valuable time.

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  • How do our biases impact PPC performance?

    … into different ad groups within a campaign, why don’t you try separating them into campaigns for a quarter, and then don’t separate them at all in the next quarter? Shake things up! Make your own decisions! Very subtle, Google. One thing I have learned from attending search marketing conferences is that there is always someone out there who knows…

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  • Expanded text ads that kick butt

    … are effective. Don’t forget to build up fan base and recommendations on social to corroborate what you’re saying in other online channels (including ads). Remember: You have until January 31, 2017, to incorporate expanded text ads into your Google AdWords accounts. Good luck! Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author…

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  • 5 ingredients for writing the perfect expanded text ad

    … beneficial. What is the length of the perfect expanded text ad? Now that we have more characters, should we use all of them? Jon Diorio, a Google Group Product Manager for AdWords, said during his keynote at HeroConf London that merely filling the extra space with useless text, like by appending a dash and the name of the company to a headline, usually…

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  • Why all search ads seem the same (and what you can do about it)

    … there. Your paid search ad strategy goes way beyond the 140 text characters allotted to you. It starts with that, sure, but the entire architecture of your ad from the text to the extensions should all support a strategic message about your brand, its products or services. So in this post, we’ll look at some of the steps you can take before you type…

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  • Pull live inventory data from your product database and place it in your search ad copy

    … are listed here. About The Author Jason Puckett is the CEO & Founder of AdBasis. Ad creative optimization is the name of Jason's game. AdBasis is an A/B and Multivariate testing platform for search, social, display, remarketing & mobile ads. Jason is a digital marketing strategist, ad optimization expert and conversion rate enthusiast. AdBasis has helped over 1,000 companies improve their paid media through creative testing. …

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  • Bing Ads releases Expanded Text Ads globally

    … After running expanded text ads in beta beginning in late August, Bing Ads rolled out expanded text ads to all markets on Tuesday. Advertisers can now set up and launch the longer text ad format in the web UI, Bing Ads Editor or via the Bing Ads API. It’s also possible to import expanded text ads from Google AdWords in the Bing Ads web…

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  • Dear Google, how about OS targeting? Programmatic search?

    … this targeting lever to us. 2. Real-time bidding (RTB) for SEM (search engine marketing) With header bidding and the launch of “native” ad formats within programmatic media, now may be the time to revisit SEM as an RTB (Real-Time Bidding)-based marketplace. We understand that fast SERPs are really important; several years ago, the lag time…

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  • Bing Ads opens pilot for device bidding

    … Bing Ads is testing changes to device bidding in the wake of Google’s move to revert back to distinct device bidding (though the bid adjustment structure remains) for desktop, tablet and mobile introduced in 2013 with Enhanced Campaigns. Even through the Enhanced Campaigns period, Bing Ads had always offered more control with a tablet bid…

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  • Bidding on the competition: Is it really worth it?

    … These days, bidding on your competitors’ branded terms has become a common practice for paid search advertisers. To be honest, the logic behind this trend seems sound. After all, if someone is typing in a competitor’s business name, they are interested in what your competitor has to offer… which means they are probably interested in what you…

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