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    • Bing Ads releases Expanded Text Ads globally

      After running expanded text ads in beta beginning in late August, Bing Ads rolled out expanded text ads to all markets on Tuesday. Advertisers can now set up and launch the longer text ad format in the web UI, Bing Ads Editor or via the Bing Ads API. It’s also possible to import expanded text ads from Google AdWords in the Bing Ads web interface or Bing Ads Editor.

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  • Google’s Year Of Change Hits Mobile Retail

    … of a variety of new content-focused SERPs features, and then discontinue searching. In situations such as this, the need to click on a search result simply vanishes. It is possible that some websites are not losing clicks to anyone. Some clicks are becoming unnecessary. Google is fulfilling their intent and providing value within the SERPs…

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  • Does Google Really Know Where You Are?

    … Earlier this year, I was trading anecdotes with a couple of fellow marketing professionals who were struggling to make sense of the geolocation settings within Google AdWords. Underlying everything we assume about geo-targeting is Google’s ability to correctly locate the user. If we are looking to serve ads to people in New York City…

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  • Re-Examining The Top 10 Paid Search Best Practices, Part 1

    … on how negatives should be used, when they should be used, and ensure each of you are using them in the same way to avoid any performance issues. 5. Use Different Creative For Mobile And Desktop Ads Mobile, once a traffic outlier in single digit percentage of clicks, has now become the dominant sub-channel for paid search for most advertisers…

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  • The Early Impact Of Google Adding More Ads To Mobile SERPs

    … There have been reports that Google recently updated its mobile search listings to increasingly include three text ads instead of two at the top of the page for some search queries. By analyzing Merkle|RKG data, we’ve been able to confirm this change and take a look at what the change might mean for search advertisers. While Google has shown…

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  • 9 Facts To Improve Your Mobile Search Performance

    …-through rate and conversions across all devices, it is especially important for mobile search, where screens are smaller and as few as two search ads are shown. Looking at this chart, it’s clear that placement below the second position yields very low click share on mobile. To improve your mobile ranking: Improve your keyword relevance. Improve your ad…

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