Search Ads: Video

  • Yahoo Is Testing Giant Brand Video Ads In Search Results

    … Yahoo is testing giant takeover video ads in search results pages. The video ads, seen on a search for “Lands’ End”, expand to take over most of the screen and autoplay on mute. The ads only appear to be running on desktop and not smartphones. The video does not collapse after ending, which means the user has to scroll down to click…

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  • Google Brings YouTube TrueView Campaigns Into The AdWords Fold

    If you run TrueView YouTube campaigns in AdWords, you know that getting to them is like entering a netherworld. Not only do you lose the tether to your other campaigns, running video campaigns in AdWords feels like being forced to write with your other hand — sure you can do it, but not with the same comfort level as managing campaigns in the main AdWords UI. Well, that’s finally changing.

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