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A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs). The information may be a specialist in web pages, images, information and other types of files. Some search engines also mine data available in databases or open directories. Unlike web directories, which are maintained only by human editors, search engines also maintain real-time information by running an algorithm on a web crawler.
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    • 5 Questions to Ask Your Search Engine Optimization Consultant

      A client we’ve developed an annual infographic strategy for was in our office this week. Like many businesses, they had gone through the roller coaster of having a bad SEO consultant and now hired a new SEO consulting firm to assist them in fixing the damage. And there was damage. Central to the bad SEO’s strategy was backlinking on a plethora of risky sites.

      Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 23 readers -
    • 7 Insider Tips to Get More Traffic From Search Engines

      Let’s face it – generating traffic from search engines is hard work. It is much easier to buy traffic. But we all know that organic traffic converts better so this is usually the primary goal for online marketers. So how do you actually go about getting more organic traffic from search engines? I’ve put together 7 helpful tips to do exactly that, let’s take a look at them one by one. 1.

      Jeffbullas's Blog- 15 readers -
  • Local SEO A-Z #6: What not to do

    … 20 February 2017 | Jonathan Lyon Local SEO A-Z #6: What not to do Google is paying more and more attention to local SEO, adapting to searchers’ desires to find businesses nearby to them. This makes local SEO a critical tool for businesses that want to attract nearby customers. In our last blog we looked at some key metrics that matter to local…

    Tamar SEO and Social Blogin SEO Google- 13 readers -
  • Six most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

    … on Instagram, and the news that mobile search and YouTube are leading growth in Alphabet’s fourth quarter earnings. Also, you’ll never guess who one of Google’s most prolific advertisers is – it’s Google. Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative acquires AI-powered search engine, Meta The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the $45 billion philanthropic organisation…

    Search Engine Watchin Social- 30 readers -
  • Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative acquires AI-powered search engine Meta

    … The Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the $45 billion philanthropic organisation founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, has made its first acquisition – of a search engine. The Initiative announced on Monday that it would be acquiring Meta, a scientific search engine that uses artificial intelligence to make connections between…

    Search Engine Watch- 18 readers -
  • Five most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

    … – and what this means for similar search options like Google Scholar. How Instagram became a powerhouse for social commerce 2016 was a busy year for Instagram, with more users, more brands, and a host of new improvements and features all joining the platform. In November, Instagram tested out a new shopping feature in a bid to woo ecommerce brands…

    Search Engine Watchin SEO- 15 readers -
  • New AI Based Yandex Search Algorithm Palekh

    … State of Digital readers know, long-tail search queries are categorized by searches that the search engine very rarely processes. There is a correlation between the rarity of a query and the length of it. Typically, the shorter the query the more common it is and the longer it is the more rare it is. Such queries are often conversational and describe…

    State of Digitalin SEO- 19 readers -
  • 9 Tips for Artists Looking for More Search Visibility

    … by Jayson DeMers Most artists these days maintain a website to sell their services, or at least a blog to show their work. But it's hard to earn new commissions and work opportunities -- whether in the form of a music gig or audience at an art show -- unless you can generate a steady stream of traffic to your site. There are many viable ways…

    Search Engine Guidein SEO- 10 readers -
  • 6 Ways to Optimize for Searches Other Than Google

    … When people think about search engine optimization, they usually want to know how to make their site rank higher in Google. Every business has a website and Google is responsible for two-thirds of all searches online... so if you're going to rank for one search engine, it should be Google. But Google isn't the only search engine that people use…

    Search Engine Guidein Google- 7 readers -
  • 3 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Your Videos More Search Engine Friendly [Infographic]

    … tags, and description, and using the Comments feed section to its maximum potential, there are also other ways through which you can maximize the popularity of your videos. #1 The Magic of Closed Captions A study conducted by Discovery Digital Networks in 2013 found a marked increase in views for YouTube videos that had closed captions, when compared…

    ReelSEOin YouTube- 12 readers -
  • Search Predictions for 2017

    … at the expense of fluffy brand-building content marketing. Brands that will plan, implement, learn and review their technical SEO continually stand a stronger chance of staying ahead of the competition and keep winning this game of ever changing rules. Tags: 2017, Digital Predictions, Future, Google, natural search, predictions, Search Engine…

    Tamar SEO and Social Blogin SEO Google- 12 readers -
  • How to Learn SEO When You Know Absolutely Nothing About It

    … Search engine optimization (SEO) can be intimidating if you're a newbie. Even the concept -- making changes to your website to increase its visibility in search engines for specific keyword searches -- sounds complicated, and once you dig into the technical details, it all seems even harder to grasp. But in reality, SEO is much simpler than…

    Search Engine Guidein SEO Google How To's- 8 readers -
  • 6 SEO Copywriting Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Credibility

    … keywords like punctuation When you’re writing content that is going to be used online, you would do anything to find that ideal formula that will guarantee whatever you’ve written ALWAYS ends up on the first page of Google – or any other search engines your readers may use! And while using keywords is an important part of helping your piece rank…

    Jeffbullas's Blogin SEO- 13 readers -
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