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    • The Value of Meta Information to SEO (And How to Use It)

      Meta information (aka metadata) is an important part of a web page that contains elements that can directly influence rankings and click-through rates (CTR) from the search results. Metadata can influence both rankings and CTR on search pages.Click To Tweet Many website publishers aren’t aware of these important pieces of code on their web pages, so they can often go overlooked or be misused.

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  • Why Google Is a Modern Marvel – Here’s Why #107

    … that. The index is the database where search engines like Google store data, and then retrieve that data when a user types a query into the search engine. Before it decides which pages to show from the index, and in which order, search engines apply these algorithms to help rank the webpages. Step 3: Ranking Pages Mark: And there’s that word “rank.” Now, talk…

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  • Google Penguin 4.0: Living With A Kinder, Gentler Penguin

    … factor. Anything that threatens that assumption can negatively impact the value of Google’s search results for users. Penguin was designed as an algorithm that would allow Google to detect and penalize sites that appeared to be engaging in manipulative link schemes at a much larger scale than ever before. As such, it needed to be updated and improved…

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  • Google Indexing of Twitter Appears to Be Declining

    … accounts, across a wide range of follower counts and social authority. The other three studies we’ve published can be found here: Twitter indexing as of July 2014 Twitter indexing as of January 2015 Twitter indexing as of July 2015 (right after Google’s use of the Twitter firehose was launched) Overall Indexation Over Time The following chart…

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  • What Was the Impact of Google’s Second Mobile Update?

    … normal churn in the search results were big enough during the same timeline that the impact of this new ranking’s boost wasn’t easily perceived. I’ll detail more about this below. In addition, there are other reasons why this update is very significant, and I’ll dig into those more as well. Study: 2nd Google Mobile Update has little impact…

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  • SEO Tags Virtual Keynote with Gary Illyes and Eric Enge

    … on a site and you don’t want to have that indexed anymore, then you can suggest search engines with the rel=canonical to actually pick up another page instead of that one and they will pass on pretty much all signals, all relevant signals. Eric: And for the most part, so that the page with the rel=canonical on it doesn’t end up in the index, it still…

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  • Why Google Uses RankBrain – Here’s Why #65

    … In October 2015 Google stunned the search world with a rare announcement of a major addition to their search algorithms, called RankBrain. Since that announcement there has been a lot of speculation (some of it, frankly, pretty wild) about what RankBrain does and doesn’t do. In this episode of Here’s Why, Mark Traphagen asks Eric Enge to share…

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  • RankBrain Myth Busting

    … algorithms to match that intent and deliver a search result. As part of better understanding a user query, Google may choose different ranking algorithms to apply to the query, but RankBrain doesn’t change the ranking algos themselves. Example: if previously Google didn’t understand a query as a news oriented query, but after RankBrain it does understand…

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  • RankBrain: A Study to Measure Its Impact

    … algorithm to handle? At Stone Temple Consulting, we maintain a database of 1.4M query results as a result of the studies we have done on Google’s rich answers. As part of this, we keep a full snapshot of the results. As luck would have it, we took a snapshot in late June/early July just as Google began to roll out RankBrain (the “Baseline Set…

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  • Google’s Gary Illyes on Emerging Search Trends

    Introduction On February 11th, 2016 I had the opportunity to do a live video event with Google’s Gary Illyes and we took on a wide variety of topics in Search and SEO. We then had Mark Traphagen lead a 30 minute Q&A session in which we took questions from the audience. As you might expect, there were a number of interesting gems that emerged including a new example of a Ran ...

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  • Why Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Search

    … to the search algorithm. In this episode of #HeresWhyMonday, Stone Temple CEO Eric Enge and Sr. Director of Marketing Mark Traphagen explain what machine learning is, and why it is changing everything about search and SEO. If the video helps you understand this topic better, please use the share buttons to let others know about it. Thanks! Don’t…

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  • The Future of Digital Marketing and SEO

    …. Ask what are their related needs. Ask what are their ancillary needs. Search engines are probably beginning to measure some form of CEO. Design your web experiences to meet those needs. 5. Deep Learning: Humans and machines think differently. Google’s DeepMind project is teaching machines to read, view and comprehend what humans read…

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