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  • Here’s Why Metadata Matters for SEO – Here’s Why #124

    … it, if they match the searcher’s intent better than other results in the page. And then more of them might actually click on your result even if it’s not at the top. Mark: There are some good things you can accomplish with meta data, but are there ways to mess it up? Eric: Sure. Many sites either completely ignore meta data or they misuse it, actually. Mark…

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  • Featured Snippets: New Insights, New Opportunities

    …, you will get only ONE result (initially, at least). Knowing how to become that result will be critical to thriving in a voice-centric world. This is the fourth of our comprehensive studies on this topic. You can see the other three here: The first study we ever did showing data from December 2014 Our first guide showing how to earn featured…

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  • How Search Engines Analyze Web Pages for Search Rankings in 2017

    Search engines like Google want to ensure that the quality of the web pages that show up in their search results are high, and that search engine users will be satisfied with them. If their document (web page) analysis shows strong signals that indicate poor-quality content, it can negatively impact the rankings and visibility of those web pages online.

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  • Rating the Smarts of the Digital Personal Assistants

    … On March 8, 2017, I published the results of our study to see which was smarter, the Google Assistant on Google Home or Alexa on the Amazon Echo. As it happens, we tested Bing’s Cortana, and Apple’s Siri all at the same time. We also tested Google search for reference purposes, since it’s historically been the leading place to get direct answers…

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  • The Value of Meta Information to SEO (And How to Use It)

    Meta information (aka metadata) is an important part of a web page that contains elements that can directly influence rankings and click-through rates (CTR) from the search results. Metadata can influence both rankings and CTR on search pages.Click To Tweet Many website publishers aren’t aware of these important pieces of code on their web pages, so they can often go overlooked or be misused.

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  • Why Google Is a Modern Marvel – Here’s Why #107

    … that. The index is the database where search engines like Google store data, and then retrieve that data when a user types a query into the search engine. Before it decides which pages to show from the index, and in which order, search engines apply these algorithms to help rank the webpages. Step 3: Ranking Pages Mark: And there’s that word “rank.” Now, talk…

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  • Google Penguin 4.0: Living With A Kinder, Gentler Penguin

    … factor. Anything that threatens that assumption can negatively impact the value of Google’s search results for users. Penguin was designed as an algorithm that would allow Google to detect and penalize sites that appeared to be engaging in manipulative link schemes at a much larger scale than ever before. As such, it needed to be updated and improved…

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  • Google Indexing of Twitter Appears to Be Declining

    … accounts, across a wide range of follower counts and social authority. The other three studies we’ve published can be found here: Twitter indexing as of July 2014 Twitter indexing as of January 2015 Twitter indexing as of July 2015 (right after Google’s use of the Twitter firehose was launched) Overall Indexation Over Time The following chart…

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  • What Was the Impact of Google’s Second Mobile Update?

    … makes it noteworthy. The reason is that Google tests many different types of algorithms, and many of these are retired as not being effective. When Google has gained confidence in an algorithm, they take steps to tweak and enhance that algorithm, often many times. Google's continuation of mobile ranking updates shows mobile matters to Google.Click…

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  • SEO Tags Virtual Keynote with Gary Illyes and Eric Enge

    … On May 5th, 2016 I had the opportunity to do a live video event with Google’s Gary Illyes and we focused on strategies for controlling page indexing, Google’s crawl, and overall site quality. Mark Traphagen then took us through a Q&A session in which we took questions from the audience. Some key areas that brought out key gems include…

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  • Why Google Uses RankBrain – Here’s Why #65

    … In October 2015 Google stunned the search world with a rare announcement of a major addition to their search algorithms, called RankBrain. Since that announcement there has been a lot of speculation (some of it, frankly, pretty wild) about what RankBrain does and doesn’t do. In this episode of Here’s Why, Mark Traphagen asks Eric Enge to share…

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