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Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising. SEM may use search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts or rewrites website content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages, or use pay per click listings.
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    • The Future of Vertical Storytelling: An Interview with Curt Doty

      Introduction: Curt Doty, CEO of Vertuoso, is an award-winning Strategist, Storyteller and Creative, who brings leadership experience across the entertainment, marketing and branding worlds. His pioneering spirit has led him into innovative UI and creative technology experiences focused on multi-platform storytelling and interactive content.

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    • 4 Branding and Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs In 2018

      We live in a time more than ever that makes it possible to build wealth with nothing more than a laptop and a smartphone. More than 10% of the workforce identified as self-employed in the recent years, and you can expect those numbers to grow by leaps and bounds. However, not all self-employed entrepreneurs are created equal.

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    • 5 Digital Marketing Benefits That Every Business Should Know in 2018 and Beyond

      Marketing is concerned with connecting with your target market at the right place and at the right time. We are living in a digital world and the best strategy for a business is to make efforts to connect with their customers online as that’s where they are spending most of their time. Digital platforms are no longer just limited to your regular life and are now being used for ...

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  • Here’s Why Web Design and SEO Are Essential For A Perfect Ecommerce Site

    … visitors to come and check it out. Traffic is the key. And this traffic has to be highly qualified, targeted at visitors who are truly interested in what your website has to offer. Search Engine Marketing has changed over the years Once upon a time, keyword stuffing was considered to be the way to go in order to draw favor from the powers…

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  • Top 15 Advanced SERP Features To Look Out For In 2018

    … that Google would rank them only if they provided good content so they went ahead and created FAQs, slide shares, blogs and other user relevant sound bytes that would signal relevance and send them search traffic. Google kept raising the bar in it’s quest for perfection and they kept jumping through the hoops in a bid to retain their ranks…

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  • 10 Things Every Marketer Should Know About the Dark Web

    … present in it. However, research has shown that dark web users are accessing much more than just websites that carry nefarious and illegal content. Companies researching and analyzing dark web sites saw that many of them are mirroring legal sites like social media platforms. And now those popular websites and platforms are moving into the dark web…

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  • 5 Obsolete SEO Tactics That Do You More Harm Than Good

    …. And, at the same time, avoid obsolete tactics. In this blog post, I outlined five misguided practices you need to say goodbye to – for good. STUFFING CONTENT WITH KEYWORDS A long time ago, all people needed to do was to repeat the same keywords over and over again to rank. Keyword stuffing was one of the oldest tactics to manipulate search engine…

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  • Google Starts Mobile-First Indexing

    …, images (with alt-attributes), and videos – in the usual crawlable and indexable formats,” and “ensuring URLs within the structured data are updated to the mobile version on the mobile pages.” It’s vital that marketers are aware of these changes so that they can make sure their content will still show up in search results. Due to the significance…

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  • The Impact of Google Pigeon on Local Search Results

    … of their traffic. Now, three and a half years after the launch, the question of whether or not Google Pigeon is a marketing win or a loss still hangs in the air. Businesses are still getting a boost in search engine ranking but is it worth it at all if users aren’t visiting their sites and do we as marketers have any control in the matter? Whether or not your…

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  • 5 Digital Marketing Job Search Mistakes / Myths

    … digital marketers might go wrong somewhere while searching the best jobs for themselves. In this article we will learn about the top 5 digital marketing job search mistakes committed by job seekers and a way out to prevent them: 1. Relying Completely on Online Space No doubt, LinkedIn,,, and CareerBuilder are some great online…

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  • Why Time is a Great Healer for Poor Performing Websites

    … A few years ago, when I first got into the SEO game, I was given the following advice: “Whatever you do, make sure you post content regularly. A site will quickly be forgotten about if you stop posting”. It made sense, so I stuck to it and made sure that all of my sites had a regular flow of content. To an extent, I still do, but there is one…

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  • Google Ad Suggestions : How to Turn it Off

    … Google’s efforts to create the most value for their AdWords customers may start to backfire on them. With all the great data that the new Google AdWords Beta is supplying to advertisers, a new feature has many upset about automatically generated ads going live without their knowledge. As of recently, Google AdWords started creating Search ad…

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  • Never Stop Marketing Creates First Blockchain Marketing Technology Landscape

    … In his latest post for Relevance, Chad Pollitt predicted that Blockchain would have a significant impact on paid media going into 2018 and by the way the cryptocurrency associated system is developing, it looks like his predictions might come to fruition. The marketing industry is developing fast and blockchain has the potential to be a major…

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  • Uncovering your Industry Influencers

    … this term bandied about several times recently. Influencers are now big business and they’ve caught the eye of marketers and businesses worldwide. Influencer marketing has suddenly been conceived and with it comes a slew of strategies, brands who wish to take advantage of it, and influencers who are more than happy to help. What is an influencer…

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  • How to Be More Productive at Work as a Marketer

    … content on each platform this will increase your marketing productivity without draining too much of your time. Set a time to answer emails Most people answer their emails as they arrive throughout the day, but this can ruin your productive mindset. This is because you are frequently being distracted from the task at hand by a mini task (answering…

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  • How to Build an Effective Brand Image for Your E-Commerce Website

    … customer, take a look through the data of previous purchases as well as the analytics for your website. Also, the analytics on social media can also be useful to see who is engaging with your activity because they generally have more information regarding age, job, etc. Once you know this, everything you do will be geared towards your audience both now…

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  • 5 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

    … Despite having a respectable position in the SERPs and excellent user traction to your site, you are unable to garner adequate revenues that channel your accomplishments in SEO. The fundamental variable for lack of profit generation is a low conversion rate. The conversion rate of a website is the percentage of incoming website traffic…

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  • Effects of AMP on Your Paid Search Marketing

    … Google has long stressed the importance of fast-loading and easy to read websites. Especially on mobile devices. For years, the search engine giant has mercilessly punished websites that failed to provide its visitors with a fast and smooth experience, and the requirements for websites are only bound to increase over time. Luckily, Google…

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