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Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising. SEM may use search engine optimization (SEO), which adjusts or rewrites website content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages, or use pay per click listings.
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    • 5 Ways To Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

      Despite having a respectable position in the SERPs and excellent user traction to your site, you are unable to garner adequate revenues that channel your accomplishments in SEO. The fundamental variable for lack of profit generation is a low conversion rate. The conversion rate of a website is the percentage of incoming website traffic that successfully performs the intended a ...

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    • How to Be More Productive at Work as a Marketer

      Some days as a marketer feel amazing; you accomplish everything on your to-do list and more, you solve a few problems and you make progress in your career. However, an unproductive day is pretty much the opposite; you feel bored, frustrated and stressed, you got nothing done and your career stands still.

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    • How to Add Retargeting to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

      How to Ramp Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Re-Targeting Digital marketing is in the midst of a boom age. Because print media is losing so badly to online content across nearly every demographic, advertisers and marketers have been rushing to move the bulk of their business to the internet. Digital marketers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, but one strategy that yo ...

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  • How to Build an Effective Brand Image for Your E-Commerce Website

    … If you’ve got an e-commerce website these days, you’ll know how the need to be unique is one of the most important aspects these days. Although the marketing channels have changed dramatically through the years, the premise has remained exactly the same and it revolves around creating a brand. If you’re unaware, a ‘brand’ is more than just…

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  • Effects of AMP on Your Paid Search Marketing

    … Google has long stressed the importance of fast-loading and easy to read websites. Especially on mobile devices. For years, the search engine giant has mercilessly punished websites that failed to provide its visitors with a fast and smooth experience, and the requirements for websites are only bound to increase over time. Luckily, Google…

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  • How To Create An Internet Marketing Partnership That Works

    … Ideally, you’re a big company that can afford to have its own Internet Marketing Department with lots of creative gurus plotting out your graphics and copy. They have all the latest internet tools for tracking your browsers, and follow up plans so they don’t get away! Ah, nice! But whoops, you’re not a big company, you don’t have an IM department…

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  • 9 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Home-Based Business Owners

    When your business is well-established, you can buy and try all sorts of expensive software. You have so many computers and mobile devices spread over so many departments that you need a dozen or more tools just to keep your business moving. A successful business presents all sorts of unique marketing challenges, prime among them organization.

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  • Game-Changing Marketing Trends You Need to Follow

    … Marketing is an ever-changing animal. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on one aspect, something new comes along and you’re required to shift gears to keep up. New trends are continually emerging that improve the way content is created and how it’s promoted. Your success depends on your ability to compete and keep your business relevant…

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  • 4 Ideas To Increase Sales For Your Consulting Business

    … will be well equipped to decide when you have trained them well. When people see your blog and the amount of content you are willing to offer for free, you are bound to receive some calls. Your sales team can take the responsibility of educating the audience, be it over the phone, on social media or through the blog. Send something small first If your…

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  • Lessons Learned from Content Marketing

    … plugins to Facebook Pixel, and GA is by far the best for tracking every visitor. However, when it comes to finding out how they got into your site, it isn’t very good. It’ll tell you whether they came direct or from the Google search engine, but for the vast majority it doesn’t tell you which keywords they used. For that you need SEMRush or even…

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  • What is SEM?

    … for (Search Engine Marketing, in case you were wondering) but also what they actually mean. The first one is pretty easy. You now know what SEM means in its most basic form – “search engine marketing”. However, the issue is that even those in the SEM industry will disagree on what the component parts of search engine marketing are or what the main…

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  • 10 Metrics Every Business Should Track in Google Analytics

    … will usually be organic search, direct, social, and referral. Keeping track of these sources will give you a clear idea of where your marketing efforts are paying off. For instance, a high organic search percentage means that a large percentage of your traffic is due to an effective SEO strategy. 2. Bounce Rate Found Under: Acquisition > Channels…

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  • Best Strategy to Write Kick-Ass Content for Your Mobile App

    … and on building adaptive websites. While this is important, there are other things that also matter a lot. Yes, We are talking about content now. As you know, content is the king of modern marketing and a crucial part of every marketing strategy. At the same time, many marketers still develop their strategies without taking new tendencies…

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  • How to Partner with Key Influencers to Sell eBooks Online

    … Like any marketing strategy, partnering with key influencers to sell ebooks online requires an investment of time to create content and manage relationships, as well as monitor your successes and failures. The good news is if you get it right, your sales will increase exponentially, thanks to the passion and engagement of your partnering…

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  • Creative Content and Marvelous Mobile App, Secret Quotient for Business Success

    … Content Strategy, Search Engine Marketing Mobile apps have transformed business in a fling. Well, well, well, mobile apps set their intuitive steps in the business as a fling but have now secured a position as an integral chunk. With an increase in the volume of type (tablets, phones, and wearables) and the number of devices and expanding IOT…

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  • 7 Questions for Every Digital Marketing Effort

    … Search Engine Marketing, SEO Over the last decade, I’ve continued to see the dramatic rise and fall of marketing technologies that over-promised and eventually proved to be too good to be true. I’m not as anxious as I had been years before in pushing clients, or even our own budget, into new strategies. Because I’m a technologist, I try…

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