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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.
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    • JavaScript and SEO: The Difference Between Crawling and Indexing

      As the web continues to evolve, there is increasing demand for websites to become ever more advanced and interactive. As a result, many developers choose to build websites using frameworks like React and Angular. This gives rise to the issue of how to optimise such sites for SEO. Basically, the question developers and SEOs ask is, can search engines like Google crawl JavaScri ...

      Barry Adams/ State of Digital- 25 readers -
    • Brand Newsroom 153: Just what is the state of SEO in 2017?

      Search Engine Optimisation: Is it the magic sauce we need to add to our content to help us reach our audience? Or is it an old-fashioned dark art we no longer need to worry about? To discuss the state of SEO in 2017, the BNR team is joined by someone who really knows his stuff, Lush’s Zubin Fitter. Here are some key take-outs: SEO is still important.

      Lush Digitalin Social SEO Content- 12 readers -
  • Content King SEO tool review: tracking on-page changes

    … We’ve tons of SEO tools out there. For backlinks, content, technical audits, crawl, keywords. Countless features to make your life better and rock the SERPs. Content King is a new one on the list, and this post is for those considering adding it to your arsenal of tools. Content King is a SaaS presenting themselves as “a real-time SEO auditing…

    State of Digitalin SEO Content- 24 readers -
  • Have You Adapted to Mobile Search?

    … Optimizing for mobile search is an unavoidavle task. It may not be fun, but it’s a must. Google is already rolling out its Mobile-first index, and you should be at the forefront of this development. If you cannot follow your users’ online behavior patterns, then you should simply trust what Google does, because they do know a thing or two about…

    State of Digital- 17 readers -
  • How to Run Live ‘Site Reviews’ at Events (and Why You Should)

    … Site review at Cardiff SEO Meet I’ve been running a quarterly SEO meetup (Cardiff SEO Meet) since May 2016. Early on, I had the idea of running live ‘site reviews’ alongside talks, where we (the audience) would audit a website together, live on the night. We ran our first one at our second event (August 2016), which I was fortunate enough…

    State of Digitalin SEO How To's- 20 readers -
  • Which SEO trends are here to stay?

    … overtake this technology as the majority of people are using Google search. Case Studies To understand these criteria fully, and the scope which they cover, I have picked three QR Codes We frequently saw QR codes implemented by brands a few years ago as a means to link their online and offline experience together or to add a second screen…

    State of Digitalin SEO- 19 readers -
  • Functional SEO Requirements For a New Website

    … from organic search, which could in turn help boost your rankings. Editable, Search Engine Friendly URL Structure A descriptive URL provides both humans and search engines with an indication of what a page will be about. An example of a search engine friendly URL can be seen below: In contrast…

    State of Digitalin SEO- 18 readers -
  • From in-house to agency SEO: tree learnings from my first month

    … For years I wondered how would be to work for an agency. Until I moved to Dublin all my SEO life had been in-house, first in a huge travel e-commerce in Latin America and then in an international gaming company in Amsterdam. These are just my first impressions, but the agency life has been intense and exciting, to be honest quite the way I…

    State of Digitalin SEO- 12 readers -
  • What is Rank Tracking and Do We Recognise it Anymore?

    … The following blog is heavily based on a recent talk I gave at Search London, I’ve embedded the slides below for those who want the ‘quick’ version, for everyone else – read on! I love rank tracking – in fact SEO’s like me are addicted to it. It’s an industry where the fixation on tools & software is expected, if not essential…

    Chris Green/ State of Digital- 19 readers -
  • Is Google AMP Worth It? Three Real-World Case Studies

    … at the following two screenshots from Google Search Console. The first shows how non-AMP pages have performed in Google search on mobile devices: Over 6 million clicks from 120 million page impressions, with an average rank of 5th in Google SERPs. That may seem like great metrics, until you compare them to the same data for AMP pages: In the same time…

    Barry Adams/ State of Digitalin Google- 20 readers -
  • Selling SEO

    … Over the years there’s been a huge increase in the number of agencies and the competition for SEO work. Sometimes it feels like brands just switch between a series of 4 or 5 agencies, so if you want to break into that market then you need to know how to sell yourself. Here I’ll talk through the typical sales process we see and top tips…

    State of Digitalin SEO- 13 readers -
  • Optimising Videos for YouTube and Google Search

    … YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google and the second most visited website on the planet as of December 2016. YouTube’s reach is further expanded by its direct inclusion in Google search. This search volume and traffic presents a huge opportunity for brands looking to increase their visibility by ranking videos…

    State of Digitalin Social SEO Google- 25 readers -
  • Google Just Changed The Rules: Here Are 5 Things You Must Do Now

    … If you’re concerned about search engine optimization, chances are that you keep a close eye on what the big search engines are up to – especially Google. Anyone following the search engines will tell you that they’re always up to something. New changes are introduced regularly and keeping up with these changes is vital for improving your search…

    Jeffbullas's Blogin SEO Google- 34 readers -
  • 7 Things Google PageSpeed Insights Doesn’t Tell You

    … Google PageSpeed Insights is a fantastic free resource for being able to understand how your website is optimised for speed. However, the biggest flaw with the tool and others like it face, they don’t take context in consideration. As an ex-front end developer myself, I can understand the rationale behind why certain decisions are made around…

    Pete Campbell/ State of Digitalin SEO Google- 33 readers -
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