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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.
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  • 5 SEO Strategies You Can Implement in Real Life

    … For the most part, everything you need for search engine optimization (SEO) can be completed online. There are two main areas of optimization to worry about: on-site optimization, which is the ongoing publication of content that introduces new material to your site, and off-site optimization, which involves building relationships and links…

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  • SEO and Small Businesses – Is It Worth It?

    … results. If you aren’t able to pull traffic to your site from Google through SEO, you’re missing out on the most ROI-rich investment in the marketing world. So, what is it? Chances are, you’ve probably heard some about Search Engine Optimization already. SEO is a set of strategies that people use to get their sites to show up in Google, and thus get…

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  • ProRankTracker Review: Track Your Keyword Rankings Everywhere

    … of keywords and is looking for a premium rank tracker tool then ProRankTracker could be your best choice. Today, I’m reviewing this nifty rank tracking tool that allows you to track the rankings of your keywords on almost all the major search engines on the planet. And I’m happy that this is a sponsored review as otherwise, I wouldn’t have come across…

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  • 6 Strategies for Small Businesses to Outrank National Competition in Search Engines

    …. However, some niches are especially tough and some situations make it difficult to see a positive ROI. For this reason, it's a good idea to hedge your bets when it comes to online visibility and marketing your business. SEO works best when working in conjunction with other strategies, especially as your reputation grows. Keep a close eye on how your strategies develop and don't be afraid to make cuts and adjustments as necessary. Be sure and visit our small business news site. …

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  • 3 Powerful Tools to Spy on Your SEO Competitors

    If you’re not competitive in SEO, you’re going to fall behind. It’s the unfortunate truth. Staying competitive is key to staying ahead of the SEO game. One way to stay competitive? Closely monitoring your competition. There are many tools you can use to quickly and efficiently gather data and information about competitors’ SEO, which helps improve SEO results for any website o ...

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  • Should You Move Your Blogging Site To HTTPS?

    … Video CSS and JS files Internal links After all your links have been updated, the next step is to update all the existing redirects in place to make sure they’re all pointing to the new HTTPS site address. If you’ve done any configuration in the HTTP Search Console profile, you’ll need to mirror the information for the HTTPS Search Console…

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  • How to Use Competitors to Your Advantage in SEO

    … campaign. 1. Optimize product reviews. First, you can work on optimizing product reviews for SEO. Reviews affect SEO in a number of different ways. For example, getting better reviews for your business can help you rank higher in local search results. Earning detailed, positive customer reviews for products can help you rank for target keywords…

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  • Don’t Kill Your SEO Chances Before Your Blog Has Even Begun

    … phase. By not looking to the future and failing to plan for the route your new website may take, you can seriously impede its ability to thrive – particularly in terms of SEO. SEO – short term actions for long term goals It’s a tried and tested truism that to be truly successful when it comes to attracting organic traffic from search engines like…

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  • Top 25 Inbound Articles – Week of 10/28/16

    … to improve map visualizations on Mobile devices. Bill Hartzer highlights the factors to consider before implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), and the impact it would have on SEO. Search Engine Optimization: Learn how a strong canonical SEO strategy helps avoid duplicate content issues, increase Organic click-through rates and decrease…

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  • How to Increase Site Speed and Improve Your SEO Ranking

    … Contributed by ProBlogger SEO expert Jim Stewart of StewArt Media. Whether you’re a hobby blogger or have turned your blog into a business, your main goal is always going to be increasing the number of visitors you have to your site. The way most of your visitors will find your blog is by searching on Google and finding it high in the search…

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  • How to Learn SEO When You Know Absolutely Nothing About It

    … with the basics. Before you tackle anything with regard to SEO tactics, you need to grasp the strategy: what it isn't, how it's used, and how it can benefit your firm. Even if you believe you have a good idea, it's wise to check your assumptions: There are a number of misconceptions about SEO that might skew your approach if you start working under…

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  • Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use for SEO?

    … Search Marketing Newsletter Read by over 18,000 small business people, our free monthly newsletter delivers a digest of articles from the top search engine marketing experts. You will learn about: getting better Google rankings search engine optimization link popularity pay per click advertising viral marketing increasing traffic contextual…

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  • How to Show Up on the First Page of Google

    … channels. I’ll show you how search engine optimization allows you take control of Google rankings and show up online. Here’s how to get started: 1. Write quality content consistently. There’s no way around this one. Getting search engine optimization right starts with writing content that directly addresses your customers’ problems, interests…

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  • Top 25 Inbound Articles – Week of 10/07/16

    … Management: Learn how to build your Online Reputation with small business review websites from Catherine Schutten’s blog. #Search Engine Optimization: Grant Maddox highlights the specific advantages of HTML Sitemaps and XML Sitemaps from an SEO perspective. Vicki Woschnick’s blog highlights the need for an SEO copywriter to possess…

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