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  • How to Infuse SEO Into Your Social Presence

    …+ and Yelp, can also become an offsite host for review content, and these reviews can build trust in your brand by serving as social proof and reinforcing your conversion rates and your traffic. For more specific advice for Facebook, Yelp, Google+ and Pinterest, check out the full report. Image on homepage courtesy of Rawpixel/iStock. …

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  • When It Comes to Facebook Posts, Size Matters

    … A proven tenet of online publishing, it’s been shown time and time again that long-form content drives more value than short-form content. Search-engine-optimization results are better. Conversion rates can be better, as can social engagement rates. Interestingly, one channel where the length of content hasn’t seemed to matter is Facebook…

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  • A Social Media Manager’s View on SEO

    … a few more articles, we’d be able to “throw fuel on the fire” here. So I went ahead and shared this article on Facebook: And because it’s already worked well in search, it will likely work well in social–especially if I boost it for $1 per day against the audiences that Google Analytics already says have enjoyed this content. It’s like cheating. I’ll…

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  • What Makes a Great Influencer Post?

    … the influencer to be authentic with their content. Prescribed messaging sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn’t allow the influencer to maintain their personal voice. A great post begins with a large hero image: Just like an editorial in a magazine starts with a large eye-catching visual, so should a great influencer post. It has to work as hard…

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  • Decreasing Attention Spans and Your Website, Social Media Strategy

    … does that major brand have to show you the same ad 20 times in a single day, on the same channel? Does it make financial sense? Well, research shows that it does. This is tapping into a psychological principle called the “mere-exposure effect,” also known in marketing as “the rule of 7.” The idea behind this principle is simple: The more people…

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