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  • How to Infuse SEO Into Your Social Presence

    … Regardless of the size of your brand or your business, there are many methods to capture social media views. There is a lot of advice out there for marketers, much of which relates to shifting focus rather than getting started. A report from search-engine-optimization firm Higher Visibility explores some of the SEO-based fundamentals your brand…

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  • There Is No Salvation for the ‘Facebook Expert’

    In the old days of search marketing, it was about tricking the dumb robots–buy links, cloak, spin content, or whatever trick you could pull. And then came the old days of Facebook marketing (up through 2014), which was also about tricking the dumb robots–arb out placements available only via Power Editor, run weighted average fan acquisition campaigns internationally, pollu ...

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  • Videos: You’ve Got to Know When to Host ‘Em, Know When to Post ‘Em

    After the recent news of Facebook’s video-viewing overestimation, the company has experienced a mixed response. While the consensus seems to be that the backlash is a bit of an over-exaggeration, the truth of the matter is that the miscalculations come at a time when businesses are spending significantly more on video content production and ads: Coincidence or negligence? ...

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  • When It Comes to Facebook Posts, Size Matters

    … the people a person interacts with most) could appear higher in a person’s feed. Keywee recently analyzed more than 230,000 organic posts from over 300 publishers and found evidence indicating that the amount of text in a Facebook post is in fact impacting how it is prioritized in News Feed, as well as its organic reach. This came on the heels…

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  • A Social Media Manager’s View on SEO

    … important than driving high-quality traffic. Here is a snapshot from our Google Search Console (used to be called Webmaster Tools), which should be part of your Google Analytics: While the “dollar a day” tactic is something that I happen to think is important, it’s not in the top 50 things that people are searching for where we show up in Google. So…

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  • What Makes a Great Influencer Post?

    … or product fits into so many lives. Always include a clear and conspicuous disclosure at the top: In compliance with Federal Trade Commission requirements, each post must begin with a tactful disclosure, ensuring that the influencers maintain their credibility. It should be placed at the top of the post so that the reader knows from the onset…

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  • Decreasing Attention Spans and Your Website, Social Media Strategy

    … drama that could damage your brand. Be proactive with your outreach follow-ups: In a recent study by the USC Viterbi School of Engineering that monitored email behavior of 2 million people based on 16 billion emails exchanged over a couple of months, it was observed that 90 percent of people will respond to an email within 48 hours or never. There’s…

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