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  • It’s Time to Stop Saying “Oh S***” When Your Rankings Fluctuate

    …? Generally, no. The fluctuation of rankings happens to most search results – especially for the bottom half of the first page; and the pages in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th page of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). These fluctuations can be considered common, frequent, and consistent. Surprisingly, seeing the first three sites in the search results…

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  • Lessons to Learn from Companies Who Tried to Cheat Google and Lost [Infographic]

    … but, regardless, still penalized themselves. Rankings were lowered for the Google Chrome homepage for two months. In the end, the lesson learned is, when it comes to SEO strategy and linking, play by Google’s rules. This will help to ensure that your site avoids manual penalties and a loss of search engine traffic that accompanies it. …

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  • It’s Time to Stop Automated Press Release Distribution for SEO

    … quite a bit more. But you get what you pay for. We’re no longer investing in press release distribution for our search engine optimization efforts. It’s not relevant, it’s not reaching a relevant audience, it’s not providing any meaningful results, and – worse – it may be putting our clients at risk by putting links to their site on domains that have terrible authority. That could be putting their organic rankings and traffic at risk. © 2014 DK New Media. …

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  • How SEO and Content Marketing Work Best Together

    This is the transcript for our new video. Andy: Hi. James: Hi, guys. Andy: So today we’re going to be looking at SEO and content marketing. We’re going to look at how the two should be working together in a joint campaign, the benefits of it, and why you need to incorporate the two, and the sort of results that you should be seeing on the back of it.

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  • We Don't Rank Websites. That's Google's Job.

    … by Stoney deGeyter The recent news of an SEO getting sued for lack of results got me thinking about the dynamic that SEOs and their clients need to have in order for any web marketing campaign to be successful. Unlike many other industries, the success of SEO relies heavily on the client themselves. The SEO can't just "optimize" a site…

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