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  • 40% of Google Search on Smartphone Only Google has recently released some interesting information that shows just how popular smartphones are when it comes to browsing (and especially searching) the web. The report found that 39% of people doing search on Google are using a smartphone only that day. This is quite a change from even just a few years ago when the PC was the dominant device.

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  • Moz to Eliminate 28% of Workforce

    … Moz is one of the better known digital marketing software providers. They have been in the business for about 12 years now, and have built a strong reputation for quality information and software that has been used by millions of marketers. The company really got its start in SEO, but they have been expanding into many other things…

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  • Alert: Verizon Purchasing Yahoo for $4.8 Billion

    … It seems like there has been rumor, news and other reports of Yahoo attempting to sell their business for a long time, but all that is apparently all coming to an end. People familiar with the situation are reporting that Verizon is purchasing Yahoo for $4.8 Billion. While it will need to go through regulatory approval and a few other…

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  • Goodbye Marrisa Mayer from Yahoo

    … of the company as a whole. When discussing the difficulties the company is facing, Mayer talked about their strategic plan, including a focus on growing numbers and engagement across a variety of products, especially mobile search. Specifically, she stated, “These are some of the elements on the strategic plan that we’re executing to try and correct…

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  • Huge Changes to Google Adwords Coming

    Now Reading Huge Changes to Google Adwords Coming Huge Changes to Google Adwords Coming If you’re one of the millions of individuals and businesses that use AdWords you have already gone through one significant change this year with the removal of right-rail ads. There has been rumors of additional changes coming, and at least one of them has recently been confirmed.

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