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  • Digital Advertising On Baidu: A Recipe For Success

    … In the world of search engine marketing, it is Baidu — not Google — that reigns supreme as the king of search within China. The Chinese search leader is expected to account for around 5% of global digital ad spend this year. In spite of this, most “overseas” (non-Chinese) businesses still don’t advertise on Baidu, including many well-known…

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  • The Great Chinese E-Commerce Gold Rush

    … that this content is targeting English speakers in China. This will allow your site to show up in relevant search engine results in Google China and Baidu (which partners with Bing for its English language search results), giving you visibility for the majority market share in China. Don’t worry about this content being seen as duplicate and thus impacting your…

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  • What SEOs Need To Know About China’s Golden Shield Project

    … a huge internet market for companies around the world to tap into. However, the search landscape is much different. Baidu, Qihoo 360 and Sogou are king when it comes to China’s search engine market share. These are companies that tapped into a rapidly growing market at the right time, and succeeded by conforming to the laws administered by China’s…

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