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    • 3 tactics we’re using for Answer Boxes

      “Position 0” is the new holy grail in organic search rankings. A normal position 1 ranking is great and all, but I’ll take an answer box that features my content (sometimes with an image) over position 1 in almost all cases. Just take a look at how attention-grabbing an answer box (also known as a “featured snippet”) is: With some of our own clients, we’ve seen click-throug ...

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    • The future of local discovery

      SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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  • How AI will shape the future of search

    … it is voice search or simply using the internal search function on your iPhone, results look different and include things we don’t normally consider traditional “search results,” such as apps, emails, social comments from peers and so on. Chatbots are also becoming more and more popular. Another huge topic at SXSW, many brands are utilizing chatbots…

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  • The future of paid voice search and monetizing the map

    …. In the future, organic listings won’t go away; they’ll just be harder to earn. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Brian Smith is the director of local solutions and resident local search expert at Placeable, a local marketing…

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  • Essential voice search strategies for 2017

    … Echo (aka Alexa), Google Home (a direct competitor of the Echo), Siri and Cortana — tools that are solely based on voice recognition. Why the uptick in voice search? First, using your voice to search is getting more accurate. Not too long ago, voice recognition simply wasn’t accurate. In many cases, it was more frustrating than helpful. Now…

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  • What the heck is machine learning, and why should I care?

    … There are many uses for machine learning and AI in the world around us, but today I’m going to talk about search. So, assuming you’re a business owner with a website or an SEO, the big question you’re probably asking is: what is machine learning and how will it impact my rankings? The problem with this question is that it relies on a couple…

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  • Optimizing Google Home search responses

    … in this scenario other than ensuring the definition of their brand is branded like the definition of “Google.” Google Home is powered by the same Google Assistant as voice search, wearables, mobile, auto and other devices. Google Assistant relies on a variety of resources, including Google search data. Google search data comes from a variety…

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  • Digital assistants, conversational search and the future of local

    … of local solutions and resident local search expert at Placeable, a local marketing company specializing in enterprise brands. For over 12 years, Brian has been conjuring up solutions to the most vexing search problems for his clients. Responsible for all aspects of Placeable's managed services organization, Brian executes local search strategy through…

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  • Search takes to the cloud as users engage with new actions

    … listings and allows searchers to catch an Uber ride directly to a business. The link will auto-populate a searcher’s location and destination, then signal Uber for a ride. (Disclosure: Microsoft Bing is my employer.) This is a great example of how a business’s structured data from their location extensions allows for creative ad formatting within…

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  • The future of the map

    …, the Maracanã. By zooming in and clicking on it, Google literally blows the roof right off the building by allowing you to toggle through its various floors, making it easy to find things like bathrooms and stairs. Places like shopping malls and sporting venues are the current primary beneficiaries of indoor mapping. While the mapping feature…

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  • An experiment in trying to predict Google rankings

    … for which the website is trusted. Preprocessing for these features included turning them into numerical labels and subsequent one-hot encoding. Text features are obviously composed of text. They include search term, website content, title, meta-description, anchor text, headers (H3, H2, H1) and others. It is important to highlight that there…

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  • Why retailers shouldn’t overreact to the voice search revolution

    … the types of queries searched for, the resulting best practices look almost identical to our existing paid search and SEO best practices. But before I go on, BIG thanks to Merkle SEO Director Jamey Barlow for contributing the SEO thought leadership for this piece. Little change in overall query length over the past two years Microsoft research analyzing…

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