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  • Preparing for local reach in a ‘post-rank’ world: Get your data in line

    … so silly. What might voice search mean for local? Most who do believe in a voice-dominated future are in a love/hate relationship with the idea. Some predict we’ll lose all local organic space to ads. Others foresee a future in which anything less than the No. 1 rank is worthless. I see both conclusions as an incomplete picture. A recent Moz…

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  • The #1 Reason Why Position #1 Doesn’t Matter

    That’s right — position #1, the elusive goal for so many SEOs, may not matter so much anymore. Crazy statement, right? Trust me… follow me for just a minute. The screen shot below shows what Google refers to as a featured snippet, also known as a direct answer. (It’s also one I searched recently when baking, realizing I forgot to buy self-rising flour and hoping I wouldn’t h ...

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  • What Time Is The Super Bowl? Google & Bing Are Confused

    … As Super Bowl 50 approaches, people will begin searching more and more for the starting time (kickoff is 3:30pm PT on Sunday, Feb. 7). But right now, both Google and Bing live in the past, depending on how you ask. “What Time Is The Super Bowl?” Madness So many people search for the start time of the Super Bowl each year that news publications…

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  • Google’s Not Sure What Day Super Bowl 50 Is Happening In 2016

    …, California) but the wrong date of Saturday, Feb. 6: As you can see above, Google’s direct answer for “when in the super bowl” shows Super Bowl 50 happening on Feb. 6. Oddly, Google also bolds what it considers to be a match for that search in the description of from the official NFL site for the Super Bowl. That bolded answer is the correct date, Feb…

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  • Google’s Year Of Change Hits Mobile Retail

    … seen some significant changes to paid placements. Paid Search Sitelinks Paid sitelinks have been the source of many an SEO headache, even prior to this summer. In August, this frustration hit a new level when Google altered the standard paid sitelink format. Prior to August, the default sitelink format on mobile devices included two columns of up…

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  • Swapped Out: Losing A Google Featured Snippet [Case Study]

    … focuses heavily on semantic search technology, to better understand which schema types and properties might apply to questions and answers. Aaron explained that although he hasn’t set this up or tested it yet, the Question and Answer schemas make a lot of sense (although it seems that both types were intended for an upvoting system like what’s…

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  • How To Get Featured Snippets For Your Site

    I have seen many people debate the merits of getting a featured snippet — also known as a “rich answer” or “direct answer” — taken from their site and displayed in search results. The detractors suggest that Google providing the answer directly in the search results will lower traffic to the corresponding site.

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