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  • Featured snippets: Optimization tips & how to ID candidate snippets

    … opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Brian Ussery is the Director of SEO at Razorfish and a leading authority on Google related SEO issues. He is a Google "Top Contributor" in the search console help forum and a trusted Google partner, who connects regularly to stay in-the-know about new and improved product features. …

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  • 3 tactics we’re using for Answer Boxes

    … on more than a few occasions. Whether it works or is a placebo, we do it every time now and have seen some near-immediate changes in the SERPs that we never used to see before. Final thoughts Answer boxes are a new frontier in SEO. Everyone is trying to grab this relatively newly-created real estate because of its high value. However, Google…

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  • Preparing for local reach in a ‘post-rank’ world: Get your data in line

    … study demonstrated that only 3.4 percent of Google local searches result in ad clicks. While it’s possible to anticipate a future in which voice search results are entirely paid ads, the fact that consumers seem to largely prefer organic suggests that Google would have a hard time retaining customers with such a model. Imagine if Google’s “I’m feeling…

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  • The #1 Reason Why Position #1 Doesn’t Matter

    …-rising flour and hoping I wouldn’t have to go back to the store. Anyway, moving on… ) As you can see, the direct answer information is displaying above the initial search result. I don’t even have to click on the link to find the answer I need. I’m able to see that if I pull the baking powder and salt out of the cupboard, I can save myself a trip…

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  • What Time Is The Super Bowl? Google & Bing Are Confused

    … have vied against each other for ages to rank tops for the query. In 2014, Google tried to make it easier for searchers by introducing a direct answer box. Do a search for “when is the super bowl” on Google now, and you can see one of these appearing with the correct day and time for Super Bowl 50: Last month, the box was getting the day wrong…

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