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  • How to optimize for voice search

    … The way people search for information online is changing. Increasingly, people are using voice search on their smartphones, tablets or voice assistants (like the Amazon Echo or Google Home devices) to search for information on the internet. Siri is your best friend if you’re using an Apple device, Google voice search is popular on Android…

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  • Voice search and SEO: Why B2B marketers need to pay attention now

    … voice searches. To prepare for the impact of voice search on B2B SEO, marketers should take steps now to begin optimizing for voice queries. There are three major ways to optimize site content for voice search: Focus on mobile. Voice searches are most likely to be conducted on mobile devices, so mobile optimization is more important than ever…

    Nate Dame/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 28 readers -
  • How AI will shape the future of search

    … There is no doubt the search industry has evolved. Just one look at how search engine results pages are currently laid out shows how things have changed. We have come a long way from 10 blue links. But have we gone far enough? At SXSW earlier this month, information access was a hot topic. People no longer head to Google’s search bar…

    Justin Freid/ Search Engine Landin SEO How To's- 24 readers -
  • Voice search becomes voice action: A key talking point at SMX London

    … of Kaizen, on the subject of voice search — a prominent theme given the ongoing battle of the AI assistants. Despite existing for half a decade — Siri has been around since 2011 — voice search has only recently surged in popularity, with over a quarter (27 percent) of US smartphone users now utilizing voice search assistants once a week or more…

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  • The rise of personal assistants

    …. While you’re doing this, one big area for you to explore is that of conversational interfaces. The first obvious difference is that users will use more natural language when they speak a query or make a request. In the early days of voice interfaces, it will be natural to ask users questions to determine what it is that they want. Take pains…

    Eric Enge/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 14 readers -
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