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    • The value of search across the modern consumer decision journey

      As disruptive technologies reshape the digital marketing landscape, advertisers are scrambling to stay relevant and top of mind with consumers. In this shifting landscape, paid search continues to evolve outside of the traditional search format as an omnipresent influencer throughout the entire consumer decision journey.

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  • Using PPC brand protection to decrease campaign costs by 51%

    …; and campaign costs decreased by 51 percent. New brand protection data Since finishing the series in May, I found new data discussing the importance of protecting branded searches. Merkle published this data in their Q2 Digital Marketing Report, which analyzed their clients’ search activities in Paid Search, SEO and social media. A few highlights…

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  • Bidding on the competition: Is it really worth it?

    … These days, bidding on your competitors’ branded terms has become a common practice for paid search advertisers. To be honest, the logic behind this trend seems sound. After all, if someone is typing in a competitor’s business name, they are interested in what your competitor has to offer… which means they are probably interested in what you…

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  • How to use social media to create SEO success

    … Much has been written about the interplay between social media and search engine optimization. I have seen a few tips and tricks to use social media to help get content indexed and possibly see other SEO benefits, but the best way I have found to make social media work toward SEO is to use it the way it is already being used. Many brands use…

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  • Branded query optimization for SEO

    … organic sitelinks and the #1 position for coupon/promo code queries. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Clay Cazier is Vice President, Search Strategy for PM Digital, an integrated marketing agency. Clay's resume includes more…

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  • Brand bidding & PPC optimization: effective bidding techniques (part 7 of 8)

    … Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Lori Weiman is CEO and co-founder of The Search Monitor, which provides marketing intelligence to SEM, SEO, and Affiliate Marketers. Prior to TSM, Lori developed real-time bidding and tracking products for paid search and affiliate marketing. Lori is a frequent speaker at conferences such as SES, SMX, Search Insider Summit, and Affiliate Summit. (Some images used under license from…

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  • Brand bidding & PPC optimization: enforcement options (Part 6 of 8)

    … to the search engines (who do listen!), strong agreements to clarify what’s permissible within your industry and with partners and (as a last resort) lawsuits. Each data point I see from my company’s search marketing clients continues to support that brand bidding is the most effective tactic for achieving meaningful PPC growth to your 2016 ROAS…

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  • Search Ascending: The New Brand Strategy

    … As part of the overall marketing mix, search has functioned largely as a direct response utility for marketers, complete with a monthly bill and less-than-sexy creative cred. Like any utility, search has proven to be a powerful tool for a specific task — in this case, pushing consumers through the purchase funnel. But as the consumer…

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