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    • How your startup should be using Google AdWords

      For the founder sitting in coworking spaces like The Farm SoHo or CoCo Minneapolis, or working from a home office, the harsh environment of Google AdWords can feel like a trap. Where do you even start? Do you hire someone to manage your campaigns, or do you try to get by in the beginning by having your intern do it? No matter what you do, it can feel like the wrong choice; a ...

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    • 5 B2B marketing tips to jump-start your 2017 results

      It’s no small feat to be a successful B2B digital marketer in today’s complex, ever-changing environment. In this article, I offer several proven recommendations related to the domination of search engine results pages (SERPs), testing, attribution and ROI. Utilize these tips to jump-start your search results in the new year and start 2017 with a bang.

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  • Ad copy hack for your AdWords pathways

    … authors are listed here. About The Author Jason Puckett is the CEO & Founder of AdBasis. Ad creative optimization is the name of Jason's game. AdBasis is an A/B and Multivariate testing platform for search, social, display, remarketing & mobile ads. Jason is a digital marketing strategist, ad optimization expert and conversion rate enthusiast. AdBasis has helped over 1,000 companies improve their paid media through creative testing. …

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  • Choosing an attribution model: When, not which

    Attribution is important, no matter your industry or your buying cycle. As more attribution models are created, it becomes more difficult to understand which one is the right one, and it seems that conversations about attribution models tend to occur with the expectation that each person has chosen a camp and believes in one particular model.

    Amy Bishop/ Search Engine Land- 13 readers -
  • Are your paid search ads making the right impression?

    … is a clear winner like this one, that’s not a big deal, but if that keyword is barely profitable at the CPC it’s currently at, increasing the CPC to improve impression share might not be the best idea. Search Lost IS (budget) Low-ranking ads aren’t the only way you lose impression share. Remember, if you’re paying for the wrong impressions and clicks…

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  • 2016 in review: Insights for search marketers from Bing Ads

    … at 2016, there were moments that captured the spotlight of the world, including the US election, the summer Olympics and the viral sensation Pokémon Go. Discover some of the trends in search that are highlighted by Bing’s key moments in 2016 that you might have missed. In paid search, one of the trends we saw in Bing Ads was a shift in the most…

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  • SEM’s legit: Our top paid search columns of 2016

    … all columns published through November 30, 2016. Social data provided by SharedCount. About The Author Jessica Thompson is Associate Features Editor at Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. She is a well-rounded digital media enthusiast with a keen interest in all things Internet marketing. Jessica earned her B.A. in English from Drew…

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  • Should you create device-specific PPC campaigns?

    … and cons noted above and figure if device-specific campaigns can help to benefit their accounts. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Aaron has been in the industry for the better part of a decade, leading paid media…

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  • The next Bing thing: Get your Bing campaigns in top shape for 2017

    … current activity, making sure it is in line with industry best practices and wider business objectives. Of course, there are a lot of different ways to do this when it comes to the wonderful world of Bing Ads, from spot-checking campaign settings to reviewing Search Term reports. However, one thing that we love to use at Merkle | Periscopix (my…

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  • Ad extensions for the entire decision journey

    … Not only do ad extensions work to encourage immediate sales, but they can also be used to move consumers along the decision journey/buy cycle. In our work, we’ve effectively used ad extensions in many stages of the buy cycle, for instance: When searchers research products online (research stage) When searchers home in on a specific product When…

    Mona Elesseily/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 10 readers -
  • 5 reasons advertisers should NOT ignore Bing Ads

    … as the secondary choice when launching a paid search campaign. Marketers underestimate the true value of this ad platform and its unique audience. I have had great success with Bing campaigns; in some instances, the results far surpass outcomes obtained via the highly competitive Google platform. The last couple of years have been exciting for Bing Ads…

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  • Here’s an AdWords script to fill empty ad groups

    … at different campaigns each time, and change the template ETA each time to suit those campaigns. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Daniel Gilbert is the MD at Brainlabs, the best PPC agency in the world (self-declared). He has started and invested in a number of big data and technology startups since leaving Google in 2010. …

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  • How do our biases impact PPC performance?

    … own management habits and how you may have sped up the process over the years. Spare the Bing, spoil the Google I personally have been guilty of neglecting Bing Ads. I let Bing Ads move in but made it live in the closet under the stairs (and, much as you would expect, it became a wizard). Now, part of this was because Bing’s universal event…

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