Search Marketing: Landing Pages

  • 3 signs your landing page copy is leaving your visitors high and dry

    … There are few things more important for conversion rate optimization than your landing page copy. If your landing pages are struggling to turn visitors into leads, there’s a very good chance it’s because of your copy. More often than not, marketers are guilty of making several copywriting mistakes, and they don’t even know it. In this post…

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  • Re-Examining The Top 10 Paid Search Best Practices, Part 2

    In Part 1 of this series, I cited a really great article here on Search Engine Land on why search marketers should reconsider using broad match that challenges a common best practice in paid search. That article got me thinking about other best practices and if we should reconsider some of other tried and true tactics which most of consider as important to our approaches.

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  • Squeezing More Value Out Of Your Most Important SEO Landing Pages

    … created without search traffic in mind, and thus may be great optimization candidates. Low-Hanging Fruit. What’s the content that’s ranking 5–10 or at the top of the second page in search results? It might not be prominently linked to in your site’s architecture and internal linking, and it might benefit from a few tweaks to better target terms…

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  • Local SEO Landing Pages 2.0

    … this same approach and roll it out to your citations. Again, this is an opportunity to really make those citations sing and grab yet more search engine real estate while your competitors flap and moan about how unfair Google is. Strengthen your citations and you will strengthen your local visibility. Local Landing Pages Local SEO tends to work best…

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  • Getting Creative With PPC Ad Copy & Testing

    In a packed auditorium on a sunny Seattle morning, there was a palpable buzz in the air. Three veteran SMX Advanced speakers were getting ready to share their insights during a panel entitled, “Getting Creative With Ad Copy & Testing.” The session, which attracted PPC marketers in droves (there was standing room only at the back!) was described as follows: Creating succe ...

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  • Remove Page Elements For Higher Converting Pages

    … to convert by removing distractions. Below are some examples of distracting elements that should be hidden on PPC landing pages to improve conversion events: Option to subscribe to receive email (request for email) Option to receive company newsletter Primary navigation bar Search functionality on the page Tax field for people who live in tax…

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