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  • Coaxing smarter paid search bidding decisions out of sparse conversion data

    Paid search is an industry that’s grounded in data and statistics, but one that requires practitioners who can exercise a healthy dose of common sense and intuition in building and managing their programs. Trouble can arise, though, when our intuition runs counter to the stats and we don’t have the systems or safeguards in place to prevent a statistically unwise decision.

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  • The ins and outs of keyword research

    … accounts to become more aggressive. Competitive research. Where better to identify industry terms than to look toward your competitors? There are various tools that you can use to look at terms your competitors are bidding on, which can then be compared to your own keyword list to identify opportunities. Don’t limit yourself toward only using paid search…

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  • Integrate lifetime value to benefit a customer-led SEO strategy

    … conversion rates. Not prioritizing page load performance enough. (I mean, seriously, it’s getting worse.) How does this relate to SEO strategy? I take a view of organic traffic growth as a path to organic customer growth. That path needs to work with your other marketing channels — particularly paid search, as you are operating on the same playing field…

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  • How to get the old Google Keyword Planner volume data

    … variants. @tanestis Hi there, terms that are close variants of each other will show the same volumes within the Keyword Planner. -Mitch — Google AdWords (@adwords) July 21, 2016 Many people and tools are overestimating search volume by adding together the results that AdWords Keyword Planner has already grouped, effectively doubling or tripling volume…

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  • Machine learning for large-scale SEM accounts

    … classified data. Given that an existing paid search account has keywords “classified” by the campaign they are in, this is a good place to begin. The next requirement are some “features” that can be used to try and predict what the classification of new data should be. “Features” are essentially the elements on which a model is built — the predictor…

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  • Broad match: What is it good for?

    … Walk into any bar (or type your way into any digital space) where PPC people are gathered, and you will find a thousand different methods for using the different match types available when adding keywords into your campaigns. None of them are inherently wrong — ultimately, it’s the results that matter. But is there a method that can make…

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  • The essential metrics to analyze for keyword research success

    … Brainstorming keyword ideas is great, but you won’t get very far if you’re not looking at the right metrics. After all, it’s the metrics — the objective criteria we use to make the data-driven decisions — that make search such an effective marketing channel. But which keyword research metrics should I be considering? Isn’t search volume…

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