Search Marketing: Search Term Research

  • The ins and outs of keyword research

    … accounts to become more aggressive. Competitive research. Where better to identify industry terms than to look toward your competitors? There are various tools that you can use to look at terms your competitors are bidding on, which can then be compared to your own keyword list to identify opportunities. Don’t limit yourself toward only using paid search…

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  • Integrate lifetime value to benefit a customer-led SEO strategy

    … conversion rates. Not prioritizing page load performance enough. (I mean, seriously, it’s getting worse.) How does this relate to SEO strategy? I take a view of organic traffic growth as a path to organic customer growth. That path needs to work with your other marketing channels — particularly paid search, as you are operating on the same playing field…

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  • How to get the old Google Keyword Planner volume data

    … variants. @tanestis Hi there, terms that are close variants of each other will show the same volumes within the Keyword Planner. -Mitch — Google AdWords (@adwords) July 21, 2016 Many people and tools are overestimating search volume by adding together the results that AdWords Keyword Planner has already grouped, effectively doubling or tripling volume…

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  • Machine learning for large-scale SEM accounts

    … here. About The Author David Fothergill is a search marketer with a wealth of experience in Paid Search, Conversion Optimization & Web Analytics. As Head of Product Development & Insight at performance-driven SEM agency QueryClick, his main focus is working with the account team to ensure that client search marketing campaigns…

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  • Broad match: What is it good for?

    … may not intuitively know more specific searches that people might be using. Other times, we encounter a large volume of broad match keywords when we take over management on an AdWords account set up only using broad match (It happens!). A typical next step in either of these situations would be to duplicate these keywords into exact and phrase…

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  • The essential metrics to analyze for keyword research success

    Brainstorming keyword ideas is great, but you won’t get very far if you’re not looking at the right metrics. After all, it’s the metrics — the objective criteria we use to make the data-driven decisions — that make search such an effective marketing channel. But which keyword research metrics should I be considering? Isn’t search volume sufficient? Let’s explore.

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  • Four Tools To Break You Out Of The Keyword Research Box

    … Keyword research is a fundamental activity for an SEO professional, and although everyone does it a little bit differently, there are a few typical steps most people employ: Come up with a list of base keywords that will be used to come up with more ideas. Expand upon your base keywords using autosuggest and/or other means. Find search volume…

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  • Decoding Keywords To Forecast Marketing Opportunities

    … research tools help define opportunities with initial insights to shape your content marketing strategy through projections of search volume and predicted competition performance. Use forecasts to isolate the keywords with the highest potential for return and underline the biggest content gaps within your cross-channel campaigns. Keep optimization…

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  • Re-Examining The Top 10 Paid Search Best Practices, Part 2

    …, but you don’t want to lose sight of what’s important, and that’s marketing ROI and long-term value from your SEM budget. If you have to “lose” a few battles to win the war, then that is what you might have to do. 10. Query Mining It’s well known that a ton of searches on engines are unique — meaning that it is almost impossible to capture every…

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  • How I Saved $1M Using Negative Keyword Lists

    … When seeking opportunities for improved cost-efficiency, one of the most highly recommended checkpoints is the search term report in your paid search interface. Discovering a keyword spending well beyond its CPL threshold results in a mix of joy (“Great! Another keyword to exclude!”) and pain (“How did this search term spend that much…

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