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  • VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: Search Powered Psychographics

    SEARCH POWERED PSYCHOGRAPHICS: ENTER THE AGE OF TRUE PERSONA MARKETING by Marty Weintraub, Founder & Evangelist, aimClear. Presented at the Search Engine Land Summit at SMX Advanced 2014 in Seattle. In the future, intentional care must be paid to which potential customers are shepherded into the marketing funnel. As we follow them, we can't m ...

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  • One Tech Stack To Rule Them All: Potential Programmatic Pitfalls

    … the grill section at Sam's Club. This is prospecting because the Sam's Club customers haven't been to; but it's also, in essence, cross-site retargeting. And if you've got one vendor focused exclusively on retargeting and another exclusively on prospecting, you're going to lose the chance to acquire these customers. When Search…

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