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  • Is App Indexing Coming to iOS?

    … App indexing has the ability to dramatically change the way we engage with search, but, unfortunately, it has been limited to Android apps since launch. However, it looks like that may be changing soon. Annotations for iOS App Indexing Appearing on The Web Today I’m seeing examples of possible iOS app indexing annotations appearing up on the web…

    Justin Briggs- 4 readers -
  • How do users interact with SERPs on mobile devices?

    … As search becomes increasingly mobile, getting closer to being the majority of search visits every month, how we think about user engagement on search results needs to be updated from the old desktop paradigms of the Golden Triangle (which suggest attention sticks to the upper left and decays down and to the right). Mobile search use cases…

    Justin Briggsin How To's- 8 readers -
  • A Glimpse Into The Future Of Search

    In the process of working on the upcoming third edition of The Art of SEO, I had the pleasure of discussing the Future of Search with Ramez Naam. Ramez is a futurist, a best-selling author (check out his science fiction novels Nexus and Crux and his newest nonfiction book, The Infinite Resource: The Power of Ideas on a Finite Planet), a startup founder, and a former search gu ...

    Stephan Spencer/ Search Engine Land- 35 readers -
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