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  • What Bernie Sanders Can (Kind Of) Teach Us About SEO in 2016 & Beyond

    … for specific terms in specific areas, helping clients understand how they’re being seen by searchers in a specific area, and even (as in this case) taking a quick look at an organic search result in another area. In this case, I wanted to see what searchers would see if they ran the same query I had from within a few different states. Here’s what…

    Tom Demers/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 64 readers -
  • Dissecting Google Conspiracy Theories

    … Google conspiracy theories, and which ones should we be brave enough to discuss seriously at the water cooler or, dare I say, in the boardroom? Participation In AdWords Improves Organic Rankings This is one of the oldest conspiracy theories, in my experience. If you spend in Google AdWords, your site’s rankings will improve within their organic…

    Search Engine Landin Paid Search SEO Google- 12 readers -
  • Yes, Steve Scalise, There Was A Google In 2002

    … founding date at the top: Actually, Google itself likes to move its exact birthday around within the month of September 1998 — but the year has always stayed the same. And by 2002, Google was well established as a leading search engine. Nor was it alone. comScore regularly tracks the most popular search engines on the basis of how many searches…

    Danny Sullivan/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 13 readers -
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