• Win of the Week – Add Some Psychology to Those Keywords

    … Deer party supplies are, which is more than the losing ad does. Comparing The 2nd Line of Body Copy This line is best compared with the losing ads first line of copy, so that we can directly compare non-keyword copy to non-keyword copy. So what we have is “Throw a Fun Tractor Birthday Party” versus “Celebrate in Style with Exclusive.” What you…

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  • Win of the Week – Three Characteristics of Winning Ads

    … attracted more than twice as many clicks as the original ad. The Original Ad First and foremost, the title copy of the original ad is fairly vague. “Horror Movies” lacks specificity. Consider the action that the ad asks the searcher to take. Are they going to be able to watch horror movies when they click this ad? Or read reviews about horror movies…

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  • Win of the Week – The Perfect Gift

    …. Normally features are listed first and then followed by the call to action. This ad also fails to provide any clear benefits. Yes, they have a money back guarantee, but then again most businesses do. Listing how long they’ve been in business is probably not relevant to what the searcher is looking for. Lastly, the structure of the second line…

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