Searcher Intent

  • Presidential candidates, here’s how to win (at search marketing)

    …. Step 2: Focus on the searcher’s intent Starting the ad with, ‘Find your voting location’, prioritizes the true intent of the search, leaving the ‘Hillary’ branding for the tail end. Step 3: Provide an experience that is simple to use (and mobile friendly!) Upon clicking the ad, you immediately get a handy piece of information: the date of your…

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  • Money on the table: how search data can reveal new revenue opportunities

    … Search data is a mine of insights about customers’ needs that can translate into new revenue. Here’s an example from my own experience… Recently, my beloved Urban Decay Naked Basics eyeshadow palette went from looking like this: To something a bit more deteriorated: This isn’t uncommon or unexpected: I knew that the uneven ‘wear and tear…

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