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  • 5 Ways Retail Changes in the Spring – Seasonal Small Biz Tips

    … this theme into their promotions. A good question to ask is, “How can customers find renewal with my product or service?” Some ideas to get you started: Get that spring back in your step! Get a free massage when you book a chiropractic adjustment. Renew and revitalize today – get 25% off our special spring facial! Refresh that worn-out wardrobe. Take…

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  • Hotel Marketing: 5 Tactics to Use for the Holiday Season

    … Now that summer is over, it’s time to start implementing seasonal marketing themes. It may be mid-September, but the holidays are approaching quicker than you may think. Furthermore, your customers are already starting to plan their annual family visits and vacations for this time of year. Don’t fall behind! Here are five strategies you should…

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  • 5 Mobile Marketing Tips to Reach Your Customers During Summertime

    … Summer is the time for people to head off on vacation, relaxing and enjoying the long sunny days. So marketing rules need to change a little during this period to coincide with this increased customer mobility and more playful atmosphere. It doesn’t mean your customers are going to stop buying. But it does mean you’ll bring in more revenue…

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  • The Dog Days Of Summer In Blogging & Marketing

    When do the kids go back to school – or off to college – in your area? Here, the kids go back in about 14 days, and college starts 24 days from now. Some regions have already had their first day of school! Once all the kids are back in school – and mothers have had a chance to breathe a sigh of relief – your web traffic and web business will come out of the summer slowdown. Happens every year.

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  • How Trendy Are You? Tapping Search Trend Analysis to Drive Seasonal Sales

    … of seasonal campaigns relies strongly on timing. Understanding how users behave online and the patterns they develop in search can help your brand build its marketing strategy and drive conversions. Analyzing trends offer can offer the content users want at the right times. This in turn increases relevancy and engagement. Leverage Google Trends…

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