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  • Be Like Water And Other Business Wisdom From Bruce Lee

    …. Lee was a lifelong learner, and tirelessly sought out knowledge. Even at the peak of his career, he always had a book in his hands. His interests covered a wide range of topics, from martial arts and fitness to philosophy and self-improvement. “Always be learning” is a self-improvement cliché that’s drummed into the head of every businessperson…

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  • From going Homeless to building a Brand!

    … Its been over 2 months I haven’t posted anything on my blog. The last two months were quiet eventful. First of all, I was left homeless for a week or two due to a fire in my building and for the very first time, I realized how long it takes to recover from such unfortunate events. However, complaining aside, I am thankful I escaped the fire safe…

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  • Tools and Resources That Will Add Expertise to Your Writing

    … post. Tools for STYLE IMPROVEMENT: SkyWord: If you were considering outsourcing your writing jobs, then Skyword could be a very useful resource. They have over 2000 writers associated with their community and the editors at Skyword carefully handpick the writers that are best suited for your projects or assignments. Skyword already has a plethora…

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  • How Does the World See You and Your Business?

    …. I’m currently in a leadership course, which is rather revealing and a little bit confronting. It’s digging deep and I’m discovering quite a lot about myself. Strengths, weaknesses – yep, expected those. But what about this question, ‘How do others see you or what can others rely on you for’? You think you know. By my stage in life you think you…

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  • What Does Traction Feel Like?

    … and say – this wasn’t really traction, what we have now, that’s traction. Who knows, really. But it definitely feels like things are starting to tick upwards…. The post What Does Traction Feel Like? appeared first on Self Made Businessman. …

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