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    • How Amazon Hijacks Listings & What to do if it Happens to You

      I came across Efficient Era a few weeks back and got lost in all the quality information they provide. This blog post, by Bruce O., was of particular interest so, with permission, I’m sharing the saga of the Bluetooth keyboard. Take note so you know what to do if Amazon should ever do this to you! Every private-label Amazon seller knows it’s important to have full control ov ...

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  • Irrelevant Keywords Could Crash Your Amazon Conversion Rate

    … that apply to your specific product and the customers who will be shopping for it. I explain (in detail) how to do this and more when performing keyword research for Amazon in my Amazon Product Description Boot Camp. In addition, you will watch over my shoulder as I walk you through the way my team and I create expert titles, enticing bullet points…

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  • Getting Amazon Reviews Using Follow-Up Emails

    … Copyright © 2016 Marketing Words Copywriting Blog. All Rights Reserved The posts contained within this blog are the sole property of Marketing Words, Inc., and full copyright privileges are held by Marketing Words, Inc. A limited, free reprint license is granted to those who wish to reproduce this content in full provided live links…

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  • 5 Common Mistakes That Can Tank Your Amazon Listing Success

    … can work to improve the quality and amount of traffic your product pages receive as well as the number of sales you get. If you want to go deeper into these and many other strategies for boosting the rankings and conversion of your Amazon listings, join me starting September 15, 2016, for my second annual LIVE Amazon Product Description Boot Camp. Get your 37% early-bird discount when you enroll before 9/12/2016 with code boot37 (lowercase, no spaces). Please share this post with your friends.…

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  • Have You Optimized All 12 Zones of Your Amazon Product Pages?

    … I met Lisa Suttora about two years ago through a friend and have continued to be impressed by the depth and scope of her knowledge when it comes to selling on Amazon. When she originally outlined the 12 zones of every Amazon product page that need to be optimized, I took notice. I knew this was something every manufacturer, private labeler…

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  • How to Get Amazon to Pay for Your Destroyed Inventory

    … what Elaine references below, I was sent a reimbursement email from Amazon telling me I’d gotten $68.80. It took about 5 minutes. Wanna give it a try? Keep reading! Take it away Elaine… =========================================== I started selling private labels products on Amazon just under a year ago. Like most Amazon businesses I was working…

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  • 7 Types of Keywords to Consider When Doing Research

    … of a product or service. Colors, sizes, shapes and other features would all fall under this classification. Brand Keywords You would, of course, want your own brand to be searchable, but you might also consider using other brands that are similar to yours IF it is allowed on the platform you’re selling on. Amazon does not allow you to insert competitor…

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  • Amazon Cleans up Confusing Title Policies: Changes Underway

    … If you’ve known me for long, you understand there are a couple of things pertaining to my views about Amazon. One big irritation is their ultra-confusing (and often contradictory) policies on title (product name) character counts. I’m now absolutely elated to announce that changes are under way to help clarify this part of the Amazon product…

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  • Fourth Quarter Ramp Up: Tapping Into the Amazon Toy Goldmine

    … Q4? JESSICA: That is a great point. The toy category is semi-restricted during the holidays. But it’s not as bad as it sounds! Amazon restricts newer sellers from being able to sell Merchant Fulfilled during the holidays, but the restriction does not affect selling toys using FBA. Honestly, if you are JUST starting on Amazon, it would be pretty…

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