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  • When Selling Your Website, Timing is Everything

    … profit from selling your site, you need to judge the right time to sell. There are three common mistakes I see people make with regards to timing: 1) they try to sell too soon, 2) they try to sell too late, and 3) they try to sell during a bad trend. Selling Your Website Too Soon Before I started selling other people’s websites professionally, I…

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  • Podcast 52: How to Value, Buy, and Sell Established Websites with Jock Purtle

    … that were asked during the interview. However, I did not document the full answers, these are more like cliff notes. To get the full value from the interview, please listen to the podcast. How did you get started as an entrepreneur? I’ve always been an entrepreneur. My parents owned businesses and so I got started early. I use to buy and sell garden…

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  • 19 Things I’ve Learned About Buying Websites

    … In July, I shared the lessons I have learned selling websites with Quiet Light Brokerage since 2006, but the seller is not the only important part of the equation. Buying an online business can seem scary, but if you go in knowing how to conduct a deal you’ll improve your success rate immeasurably. I learned these lessons by observing…

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  • Talking Website Brokerage – Interview with Justin Gilchrist [PODCAST]

    … website or an established Internet business, and you kind of had this fake boom that happened. Now, consequently, you just had crazy valuations and crazy prices. You had people unfortunately buying brand new sites with little value to them, for ridiculous amounts of money. While at the same time, you had people who had established businesses with sort…

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  • Talking Website Sales – Interview With Thomas Smale

    … Welcome to the 3rd segment of my Podcast Series Talking with Industry Experts. In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Thomas Smale, co-owner of the website brokerage firm FE International. FE International, formerly Flipping Enterprises, specializes in representing both buyers and sellers of websites ranging from $20,000 up…

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  • 9 Exposed Traits of a Million Dollar Website

    … Want to become a millionaire? It’s easy. Start as a billionaire, then launch an airline. – Richard Branson […] Author information Mark Daoust Founder at Quiet Light Brokerage Mark Daoust discusses issues relating to the valuation and sale of established and profitable websites. He is the founder of Quiet Light Brokerage, a leading…

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