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    • Local SEO is about so much more than tools

      Welcome to my first Local SEO column of the year on Search Engine Land! While most other sites are publishing roundups or predictions for 2017, there’s really only one way to kick off the beginning of a new year: a new installment of Greg’s Soapbox! As you faithful readers know, my posts are almost always influenced by recent conversations with clients or near-clients, and this one’s no diffe.

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  • How I use my marketing technology stack (SEO edition)

    … a book on it. Instead, I’m going to focus on how I use my martech stack to manage my SEO efforts. I look at SEO like a carousel: It’s constantly going round and round — continuous, unending efforts are needed to compete in new topics or keywords and to keep up with changes in the way search engines operate. There is a center pole that all…

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  • Data-Led Link Building: Audience Segmentation & Analysis

    … Link building remains the bedrock upon which long-term SEO success is built. Effectively using the wealth of data available to search marketers these days is the key to ensuring your inbound strategy beats the competition. Let’s take a look at a few tools and data points you can use to ensure you are one step ahead in your SEO campaign. I’m…

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  • Competitive Link Building Analysis For Your Industry

    … It seems like every day someone in our industry is saying link building is dead or that we should stop link building. Many of the current recommendations for modern SEO involve highly subjective suggestions like “Write quality content” and “Provide a good user experience,” along with messaging such as “Content is king.” What do those even mean…

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  • 7 Key SEO Activities That Can Now Be Automated

    … with tools like SERPWoo. Rather than tracking specified URLs (yours and your competitors’), SERPWoo tracks the top 20 results for your keywords by default. It also includes useful metrics such as page and domain link popularity, social shares, etc., to help marketers more easily analyze the potential causes of a rankings fluctuation. I hope that these…

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  • Tools, Tools Everywhere! Which SEO Tools Are Worth Your Time?

    …, Google,, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube, and Ubersuggest Ubersuggest is another free keyword research tool based on Google Suggest. When you enter your keyword, it runs a number of variations based on that term. For example, if you were to enter the search term “cupcakes,” Ubersuggest would pull the suggestions for cupcakes…

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  • New Link Tool Crowdsources Your Disavowed Links In DisavowFiles

    … The folks over at Bruce Clay announced a neat new link tool named DisavowFiles. DisavowFiles basically lets you upload your disavow file to them and tells you how many other sites are disavowing the same links. But it doesn’t tell you who is disavowing those links, just if other people are disavowing those links. When you disavow links, you…

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