Semantic Technology

In software, semantic technology encodes meanings separately from data and content files, and separately from application code. This enables machines as well as people to understand, share and reason with them at execution time. With semantic technologies, adding, changing and implementing new relationships or interconnecting programs in a different way can be just as simple as changing the external model that these programs share.With traditional information technology, on the other hand, meanings and relationships must be predefined and “hard wired” into data formats and the application program code at design time.
Posts about Semantic Technology
  • The Semantic Web: Business Models from a Marketing Perspective

    … their platforms. The main advantage of structuring databases, is the ability to re-purpose content in different contexts easier than before. It allows the data to be linked with one another in a better way. For example, in 2011 Volkswagen UK organised their database. This resulted in a sophisticated search service, used for the internal website search. Due…

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