• SEMPO Code of Ethics: Not So Black and White

    Editor note: This “anti” post is part of a two-part series about the proposed Search Marketing Code of Ethics, as presented by SEMPO at To read the “pro” viewpoint from Tony Wright and Chris Boggs, click here. This post is not sponsored by any organization or party and was facilitated by the SEJ Editorial Team. Alan Bleiweiss also contributed to this post.

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  • Following the AdWords Money Trail: A Data Analysis

    … There is an abundance of pieces written about uber expensive Google AdWords phrases: the top 10 or 100 most expensive, for example. However, little to no data analysis looks at a more significant sample size where an advertiser spends a bit more than a Friday night dinner for two for a click. Where I live, a nice dinner out for two would be $50…

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  • SEMPO Responds to Questions About the Proposed Code of Ethics

    … There has been quite a bit of concern and controversy surrounding the industry Code of Ethics (COE) that SEMPO wants to see implemented. There has definitely been a lot of questions, so I approached both Tony Wright, the VP of Communication and Public Relation for SEMPO, who led the original SEMPO meeting about the plans at Pubcon and Chris Boggs…

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  • First Look Into SEMPO’s Code of Ethics Plans

    … Many SEOs have been concerned when the news broke about SEMPOs plans to create and potentially enforce a code of ethics on the SEO industry. At Pubcon, SEMPO held an information meeting to give more details on how they plan to create and implement the code of ethics. Tony Wright, the CEO of WrightIMC led the meeting, detailing how he sees…

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