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    • Minor SEO Errors That You May Be Making!

      I still can’t believe it’s already 2017 when it feels like only a few days ago that it was 2016. *Ba-dum-tss* okay, no more puns, I promise. Anyway, SEO is something that I’ve loved doing for a long time now. We’ve discussed many topics over the past couple of years and so, I’d like to take a step back and talk about something a little more basic: Mistakes.

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  • Reviews Schema Changed To Address Growing Problems with Profanity

    … Google has recently amended the guidelines for the reviews schema to control and eliminate schema reviews that are deemed to be vulgar and contain profanity. The updated Google Reviews Schema webpage specifically states that “Profanity and vulgar language are prohibited. Do not include reviews that contain vulgar or profane language.” What…

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  • How to Become Mobile-friendly For Google’s Major Index Divide

    … on their smartphone as they would on their laptop. A great place to start is to use a mobile optimisation checker – Google’s mobile usability report is a great place to start because it allows you to pinpoint all mobile-friendly errors across your site. How to make a website mobile friendly: Optimise page speed: Since page speed can be inhibited…

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  • WordPress is Requiring Websites to Have HTTPS by 2017

    … 2017 is shaping up to be a good year because WordPress is going to start implementing features that make HTTPS necessary to people’s websites. This was something that WordPress announced recently. WordPress acknowledges that these changes are going to be a “…hurdle” that users and webmasters alike are going to have to go through similar to when…

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  • How to Adapt and Embrace Changes to Google’s Algorithim

    … SEO is one of the most progressive fields in the world. Everything about it is centered on change and if something refuses to improve, it is then deemed obsolete and dropped. That’s how the world of SEO goes and that’s why everything about it is bordering on the cutting edge. Just recently, Google updated its algorithm with Penguin which we…

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  • Google Search Index Changes Things Up by Going Mobile-First

    …. The search engine giant has long advocated for the advancement of SEO by encouraging websites to become more mobile-friendly and now, they have taken another concrete step into making the internet a mobile-first domain. It’s fair to assume by splitting the search index, Google is slowly adapting to the fact that majority of searches now happen on mobile…

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  • How to Step Up Your Customer Service Game Like a Pro

    … In SEO, it is important to build a rapport with your readers because generally, people are more likely to enjoy perusing content shared by people or websites that they like. This is the reason why many SEO Specialists as well as Internet Marketers spend so much time perfecting their craft so that people’s average dwell time would get better over…

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  • Dust Off Your Business Intelligence Tools Because Your SEM Needs Them

    … Whether you are fixing a squeaky door or analyzing your search engine marketing, you’re going to want to find the right tool for the job. Often times, we forget or choose to forget that we have so many great resources in front of us that will drastically improve our SEM tactics. Business intelligence tools need SEM and SEM needs business…

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  • How to Predict Your Potential Customers’ Keywords

    … Content creation is one of the most fulfilling yet difficult tasks that SEO Specialists face. The main problem is making the article interesting enough so that people would like. That’s a problem that we tackled in one of my previous articles and today we’re going to be tackling a different debacle – keywords. Many SEO specialists will tell…

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  • Reviewing BuzzSumo: Internet Marketing Made Easier

    … Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of any internet marketer. Having information based on the hottest trends on the most popular platforms is definitely an advantage over other specialists. That kind of data that’s changing everyday may sound like a hassle to take note of but luckily, that’s where BuzzSumo comes into play…

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  • Broken Link Building Tutorial for Beginners

    … to get backlinks the right way. Note: I’ve put together a bonus link building resource at the end of the post Today, let me walk you through the fundamentals of one of the effective link building tactics ever exist in the search marketing industry – broken link building. What is Broken Link Building? Broken link building coined by Melanie Nathan…

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  • Link Disavow Placebo

    … tools to process link data more efficiently, for example to discover nofollow links or sort by anchor text or quality parameters. REMOVE. Remove the links you can by reaching out to webmasters of websites with unnatural links pointing to your website. You may reach out to your (former?) SEO company to assist you with the cleanup process. This step…

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  • How do I know if my SEO Works?

    … are ways to know. Fluctuation Factors How to know if your SEO is really working is not an easy thing to find out – especially with all the factors at play. So I’ll break it down to major fluctuation factors. Most of which are out of your direct control: Website Changes Google Changes Competition Searcher Behavior Changes Keep these…

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  • The Great Link Paradox

    … We used to link feely on the web and anchor text has always been a matter of context and choice. Google changed everything with its profound dependency on link signals. Designer anchor text is not a pure SEO invention, Googlers themselves asked us to use descriptive anchor text to help them understand our pages better: “Writing descriptive…

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