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    • Tips and Tricks on Crafting an Actionable Title Tag

      In the current SEO scene, a variety of components make up a great SEO strategy. There are things like meta description, guest posting; one can also include quality and unique content, site speed and performance, social media publishing, and easy site navigation. All of these components lead to higher search engine results pages (SERPs).

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    • Do Traffic Numbers Really Matter?

      The first thing you’ll hear from any savvy online marketer is that you need a lot of traffic to make your site work. Indeed, most SEO experts pitch exactly that on their websites: How they increased their site or page traffic, and how they can help you with yours. You will find thousands of pages on how to effectively use SEO, make outreach strategies, bring in new audience, ...

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    • Use Your Link Building Campaign to Improve Your SEO

      Ever since the inception of a humble search engine named Google, the optimization of a business or a brand’s website is as critical as never before. This all due to the fact that the online presence of such businesses aspire to be at the top of the search results, and want to dominate the online industry.

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  • What We Think Link Building Will Be Like in 2018

    … algorithm has become so tight that it can actually inspect the quality of your content. It’s no longer enough just to simply produce 1000+ posts and hope it will do great solely due to the number of words you write. Your content needs to be of the highest quality in order to be picked up by search engines. Skyscraper The Skyscraper Technique…

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  • How to Identify If Your Site is Filtered or Penalized

    …; A hacker attack toward the website is a cause of the sudden penalty. Opt for Google analytics to analyze the SEO practices and see if that has really happened; Appropriateness of the web hosting is also important to maintain a high site ranking. Google has even made SSL certificates for that purpose etc. These are the most popular reasons…

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  • How to Get More Traffic With Content Marketing

    … People say it over and over, but content really is king. After all, all users are always on the hunt for valuable content they can learn from instead of seeing posts with rants and irrelevant information. The challenge now is how to combine valuable content with SEO for better ranking. Start blogging and find success in this field with the help…

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  • Minor SEO Errors That You May Be Making!

    … basic: Mistakes. I know what you’re thinking: Why the heck should we cover mistakes when we’re already so far ahead? My friends, that’s exactly why we should take a step back, breathe and admire the work that we’ve done so far and look at the possible mistakes that you may be doing. It will only take a couple of hours or so to check but believe me…

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  • Reviews Schema Changed To Address Growing Problems with Profanity

    … Google has recently amended the guidelines for the reviews schema to control and eliminate schema reviews that are deemed to be vulgar and contain profanity. The updated Google Reviews Schema webpage specifically states that “Profanity and vulgar language are prohibited. Do not include reviews that contain vulgar or profane language.” What…

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  • How to Become Mobile-friendly For Google’s Major Index Divide

    … for websites to really up their game when it comes to mobile SEO. What is Mobile SEO? Optimising for mobile search doesn’t necessarily mean you need to follow a whole new set of rules for optimising content. Instead, think of it as optimising the usability of your site so that mobile viewers can enjoy just as good an experience browsing your site…

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  • WordPress is Requiring Websites to Have HTTPS by 2017

    … 2017 is shaping up to be a good year because WordPress is going to start implementing features that make HTTPS necessary to people’s websites. This was something that WordPress announced recently. WordPress acknowledges that these changes are going to be a “…hurdle” that users and webmasters alike are going to have to go through similar to when…

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  • Your Website Did Not Recover from Penguin? Here’s 5 Reasons Why

    … into effect. This change didn’t happen overnight because it most probably happened during a couple of days or weeks. You need to cull the bad links – all of them Many SEO specialists tried to cull or disavow a certain number of bad links but the problem is that most of those links were probably not the cause of the demotion. Many people then assumed…

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  • How to Adapt and Embrace Changes to Google’s Algorithim

    … SEO is one of the most progressive fields in the world. Everything about it is centered on change and if something refuses to improve, it is then deemed obsolete and dropped. That’s how the world of SEO goes and that’s why everything about it is bordering on the cutting edge. Just recently, Google updated its algorithm with Penguin which we…

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  • Google Search Index Changes Things Up by Going Mobile-First

    …. The search engine giant has long advocated for the advancement of SEO by encouraging websites to become more mobile-friendly and now, they have taken another concrete step into making the internet a mobile-first domain. It’s fair to assume by splitting the search index, Google is slowly adapting to the fact that majority of searches now happen on mobile…

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  • How to Step Up Your Customer Service Game Like a Pro

    … In SEO, it is important to build a rapport with your readers because generally, people are more likely to enjoy perusing content shared by people or websites that they like. This is the reason why many SEO Specialists as well as Internet Marketers spend so much time perfecting their craft so that people’s average dwell time would get better over…

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  • Dust Off Your Business Intelligence Tools Because Your SEM Needs Them

    … Whether you are fixing a squeaky door or analyzing your search engine marketing, you’re going to want to find the right tool for the job. Often times, we forget or choose to forget that we have so many great resources in front of us that will drastically improve our SEM tactics. Business intelligence tools need SEM and SEM needs business…

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  • How to Predict Your Potential Customers’ Keywords

    … that are broad in meaning but again, significant to the company’s industry. Examples of Fat Head Keywords: School Notebooks SEO Advice Online Games Chunky Middle Keywords The usual debacle with Fat Head Keywords and Broad Keywords is that many big companies use these keywords to market their own content and products which is why smaller companies often…

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