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  • The Types Of Content That Will Land You With A Panda Problem

    For any webmaster, the loss of traffic due to a Google rankings slip can be a complete disaster, with a lot at stake for what is often just a few mistakes, errors of judgements or bad management from a business point of view. When it comes to the Google Panda Penalty, rather than worrying about what happened offsite, you need to start looking onsite, as Panda tends to concentra ...

    Ian Spencer- 6 readers -
  • The Problem With Writing Just For SEO And Why You Shouldn’t Even Bother

    The problem with having a website for most businesses is that you have to fill it with something. This requires effort which in turn can drop down your priority list, which I guess is understandable for many business owners, with the millions of other things they need to do often seeming more important.

    Ian Spencer- 4 readers -
  • Why Has Your Website Lost Its Rankings In Google?

    … a million times before, are: Google Webmaster Tools Google Analytics With the aid of these two free, but immensely powerful tools, you can start to piece together the jigsaw and work out what happened, and what you need to do to fix the issues and start riding high again. This article covers the reasons your rankings might drop…

    Ian Spencerin SEO Google- 9 readers -
  • Why Your Anchor Text Is Key To The Future Of Safe Link Building

    … From time to time, Google delivers a big kick in the teeth for webmasters, some say it’s fair, some say it’s not fair generally depending on whether your traffic has gone up and down when Big G changes the game a bit. Generally, SEO can be seen as a bit of a no win situation, because the techniques you have used in yesteryear are not really liked…

    Ian Spencer- 5 readers -
  • So, What Did Penguin 2.0 Really Do For SEO?

    The moment many SEO experts, online marketing firms and indeed webmasters have been waiting for hit last week, with the latest roll out of the SERPS changing Penguin hitting our computer screens. For some it was a good day, for others their business feels like it is now on a cliff, but did the good win and the bad lose like this update should really promise? Although this upda ...

    Ian Spencer- 5 readers -
  • Is The SEO Company Always To Blame If Things Go Wrong?

    … It is always easy to blame others when things go wrong, possibly human nature but generally taking the blame is something very few of us like to do, especially if we are not 100% sure what went wrong in the first place. By using an SEO company you are basically trusting someone or some people to look after your online business in terms…

    Ian Spencerin SEO- 1 readers -
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