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    • Smart Internal Linking for SEO

      [This post originally appeared in 2011 and was refreshed by popular demand.] If you were to map out your website’s internal links, would there be a logical order to it, or would it look like a steaming plate of spaghetti? Be careful before you answer. Strip away all the fancy design, the hours of brilliant copywriting, and the carefully considered page names.

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    • SEO and UX Lessons from Home Improvement Purgatory

      Warning: some humble-brag follows, but I promise it’s in the spirit of sharing marketing and SEO lessons. My new apartment is perfect. Walking distance from the Space Needle and huge windows the full length of our living room. It doesn’t get much better than that in Seattle for less than my entire monthly paycheck.

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    • There is No Panda Penalty. Get it?

      Site owners frequently tell me “I think we’re under a Panda Penalty.” Google does not have a “Panda penalty.” Understand that and you’ll understand how optimizing for Panda-type ranking factors can improve rankings. By the way, Panda is now part of Google’s core algorithm. It’s one way Google measures the value of content.

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  • Shopify SEO in Six Simple Steps

    … for collections pages; the title of the collection automatically creates the URL and is available to edit in the Edit website SEO feature. With one exception, the /collections/all page. For this you will need a bit of theme.liquid wizardry to edit and that is not really why I’m here. Blog URLs /blogs/name-of-the-blog/8675309-title-of-the-blog-post Blog…

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  • Technical SEO Best Practices – New (free) ebook!

    … TL;DR: I wrote a technical SEO ebook. It’s free. You should get it here. You’re probably all wondering where the hell I’ve been. I haven’t written a blog post in, what, four weeks?! I’ve been working on two projects. The first one is a free ebook: Technical SEO Best Practices. I wrote it as something you can hand to a development team and say…

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  • Real Web Devs Do SEO From Day One

    … an approach web developers need to try more — as well as simply saying yes more. But that’s a topic for another day. Feel free to hit myself or Portent’s SEO team up with questions in the comments! The post Real Web Devs Do SEO From Day One appeared first on Portent. …

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  • How to: Avoid Word Vector Hysteria & Trend Surfing Idiocy

    … to be a rocket scientist to account for word vectors in your SEO strategy: Read the thoughtful stuff, like this presentation by Dr. Pete. Compare page 46 and 52. You now know how to apply word vectors to SEO. Stop keyword stuffing and start writing like you give a flying crap about your audience Think—really think—about and use similar words…

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  • Robots.txt Mistakes and Best Uses: A Guide

    … to your secret stuff or disappear your site from search results, here are some tips to help you improve your robots.txt files. Doing it well isn’t going to boost your ranking (that’s what strategic SEO and content are for, silly), but at least you’ll know the crawlers are finding what you want them to find. Competing allows and disallows The allow…

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  • How to Write a Decent SEO Recommendation

    Pssssst! Hey, you! Want to know the best way to drive a client crazy? Talk. A lot. But tell them nothing. The SEO industry has a lot of people who are really, really good at that. We’ve seen some true artists; men and women who can speak or write thousands of words without uttering a single useful thought. Stuff like this: “Your goal is to rank well for your target phrases.

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  • Keyword Research and You

    … product name may be looking to buy, or at least compare reviews and prices. With that in mind, ask honestly: what is the current purpose of the page I’m planning to use? For instance, blog posts and category pages are great for answering those broad questions and providing information for users who are gathering information about your industry, type…

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  • A JSON-LD Implementation Guide

    … SearchFest 2016 (aka the last “SearchFest”) had a load of great talks, but only a few were as immediately relevant to my work as the deep dive discussion of structured and unstructured data from AJ Kohn and Mike Arnesen. They lent great insight to my approach to these two different types of information, and deepened my appreciation…

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  • Amazon and Google SEO: My presentation

    … More coming (including links), but here’s the slide deck from today’s Resonate presentation: Amazon and Google: SEO Priorities from Ian Lurie The post Amazon and Google SEO: My presentation appeared first on Portent. …

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