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    • 5 Signs Your Agency Is SEO Clueless

      Big agencies throw “SEO” on their services pages the way I throw exercise clothes into my suitcase: They know there’s no way in hell they’ll use it. Another “big-time” agency just did it, and I’ve got steam coming out of my ears because this means another list of Fortune 1000 clients will get second rate service (if they’re lucky). And, frankly, it means Portent won’t get those clients.

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    • Video SEO in 2017 Best Practice Guide

      According to a HubSpot survey, video is now the most popular kind of content consumed online (when text based content types are spit into categories). Users are certainly more likely to consume it thoroughly since skimming a video takes more effort than written text. They either watch it or they don’t.

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  • 5 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Fix Before Your Next Audit

    Want to get more for your money on your next SEO audit or site review? After two years of reviewing sites offering everything from dog food to process automation, (I still have no idea what that is either), I decided to put together this half-blog-post-half-PSA covering a few of the most common SEO mistakes or missed opportunities that you can start to address today.

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  • What’s the Difference Between a Rich Snippet and a Featured Snippet?

    Rich snippets, rich cards, knowledge graphs and panels,, JSON-LD, featured snippets, featured features, Richie Rich, KEVIN BACON! Wait, that was more than six degrees… There’s a lot of terminology out there about the different ways search engines, Google in particular, display their search results. Two of the most oft confused are the snippets, both rich and featured.

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  • Changing Domains? What Would an SEO Do?

    … SEO team involved with the product process. Disclaimer: Every domain transfer is different, depending on the size of the site, whether you are changing the site architecture, or switching to a new CMS. However, there are some critical steps that should typically be taken for the best chance of SEO success. The purpose of this post isn’t to provide…

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  • Funnel Driven Keyword Reporting

    … Have you given or received an SEO report that involved keyword data recently? What did that section of the report look like? Perhaps something like this? The zombie keyword report of yore How useful was it? We’re all aware of the profound changes that have been happening in our field regarding the lowly keyword. Keywords used…

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  • SEO and UX Lessons from Home Improvement Purgatory

    … has other types of cabinet latches that might work better for my situation. Another option here is to use breadcrumb navigation elements on internal pages so that users can effortlessly click back to shallower sections of the site. A great example of high utility breadcrumb navigation Understatement of the year: User experience on a website…

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  • There is No Panda Penalty. Get it?

    … to write every day, so be it. Don’t compensate by hiring $20/post writers. Write good stuff, less often Your team knows your subject matter. Consider getting an editor or editorial team before you hire writers. They can turn your team’s raw information into web-worthy content. Once you have a pipeline going, you can hire writers Panda penalties don’t exist. Good writing does. Understand the difference, and you’ll rank higher. The post There is No Panda Penalty. Get it? appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Smart Internal Linking for SEO

    … visitor relevance. Translated: write about stuff that a few good prospective customers care about deeply, and they’ll find you when you nail their question. Rinse, repeat. In a typical scenario, you might publish a new blog post or page. Next you choose to give it an SEO boost by cross linking other pages to it thereby sending your article extra…

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  • Shopify SEO in Six Simple Steps

    … for collections pages; the title of the collection automatically creates the URL and is available to edit in the Edit website SEO feature. With one exception, the /collections/all page. For this you will need a bit of theme.liquid wizardry to edit and that is not really why I’m here. Blog URLs /blogs/name-of-the-blog/8675309-title-of-the-blog-post Blog…

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  • Technical SEO Best Practices – New (free) ebook!

    … TL;DR: I wrote a technical SEO ebook. It’s free. You should get it here. You’re probably all wondering where the hell I’ve been. I haven’t written a blog post in, what, four weeks?! I’ve been working on two projects. The first one is a free ebook: Technical SEO Best Practices. I wrote it as something you can hand to a development team and say…

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  • Real Web Devs Do SEO From Day One

    … an approach web developers need to try more — as well as simply saying yes more. But that’s a topic for another day. Feel free to hit myself or Portent’s SEO team up with questions in the comments! The post Real Web Devs Do SEO From Day One appeared first on Portent. …

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  • How to: Avoid Word Vector Hysteria & Trend Surfing Idiocy

    … to be a rocket scientist to account for word vectors in your SEO strategy: Read the thoughtful stuff, like this presentation by Dr. Pete. Compare page 46 and 52. You now know how to apply word vectors to SEO. Stop keyword stuffing and start writing like you give a flying crap about your audience Think—really think—about and use similar words…

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  • Robots.txt Mistakes and Best Uses: A Guide

    … to your secret stuff or disappear your site from search results, here are some tips to help you improve your robots.txt files. Doing it well isn’t going to boost your ranking (that’s what strategic SEO and content are for, silly), but at least you’ll know the crawlers are finding what you want them to find. Competing allows and disallows The allow…

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  • How to Write a Decent SEO Recommendation

    … also ask” answer boxes with four different questions, and Google shopping products including USB chargers for your car *adds to cart* and authentic looking replicas, which are expensive! Back to the point… Provide clear, useful, and actionable recommendations. You’ll keep more clients. Actually, wait. Continue writing vague and difficult-to-understand stuff. Then we get to keep more clients. The post How to Write a Decent SEO Recommendation appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Keyword Research and You

    … product name may be looking to buy, or at least compare reviews and prices. With that in mind, ask honestly: what is the current purpose of the page I’m planning to use? For instance, blog posts and category pages are great for answering those broad questions and providing information for users who are gathering information about your industry, type…

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  • A JSON-LD Implementation Guide

    … of the page, but can also be used in the head. It also allows for multiple blocks of script, which can be useful for breaking it into more manageable chunks. In this post we’ll break down the basics of the code and its implementation, touch on some general tips for utilizing and validating the code, and wrap with a pair of examples for further study…

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