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    • The Grim Specter of SEO Past – Happy Halloween from Portent

      We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you this Halloween-themed SEO lesson. When your team is full of brilliant SEOs and digital marketers, Halloween bake-offs (and pretty much every other holiday function) risk getting into the deep end of the nerd pool pretty quickly. The Portent team had already put together a blog post for today, but when SEO Strategist A ...

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  • SEO Fallacies That Must Die: 2017 Edition

    …. Fix duplication first. Use rel=canonical to reduce duplication only as a last resort. 7: I'm Going to Tone It Down Some folks think that, now that Portent has a parent company, I'm going to tone down my blog posts. Probably not. The post SEO Fallacies That Must Die: 2017 Edition appeared first on Portent. …

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  • 6 SEO Best Practices for Events

    … on the types of information you can include in your markup. We also put out a guide to using JSON-LD for SEO last year. The more you can use this, the better. If you want to get more in-depth on optimizing your site’s video content, check out this post on optimizing video content for SEO. 5. List Your Event On Directory Sites in Your Industry Industry…

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  • SEO 101 – Mobilizing the Public 2017

    … to improve page load time. Check server response for pages on your site. Search Console Create a free Search Console account with Google to check the health of your site and look for opportunities to reclaim links. Relevant Blog Posts 5 Common SEO Mistakes This post covers common SEO mistakes sites make and how to fix them…

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  • Complete Guide to 4xx HTTP Status Codes by an SEO Dad

    … (A post only an SEO or Dev could love) Not too long ago, the Portent SEO team was sitting around in a meeting when we came across a 4xx level http status error and couldn’t remember the meaning. Might have been a 410 or a 418… Anyway, when you have a flock of SEOs in the room you do what SEOs do and search the world wide web for the answer…

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  • Video SEO in 2017 Best Practice Guide

    …. This can be a page dedicated specifically to that video, or can be a topical page (like a blog post, article, or brochure content) that the video makes a meaningful contribution to. Dedicated Pages Creating dedicated video pages is a common tactic, most often used when the video is destination content. These videos should be able to stand alone…

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  • 5 Signs Your Agency Is SEO Clueless

    … consider whether you want to work with them at all. They’re prepared to deliver a critical service about which they have no clue. Is that the foundation of a good working relationship? Nope. May I recommend a fine agency in Seattle…? Next time: Detecting PPC idiocy The post 5 Signs Your Agency Is SEO Clueless appeared first on Portent. …

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  • What’s the Difference Between a Rich Snippet and a Featured Snippet?

    Rich snippets, rich cards, knowledge graphs and panels,, JSON-LD, featured snippets, featured features, Richie Rich, KEVIN BACON! Wait, that was more than six degrees… There’s a lot of terminology out there about the different ways search engines, Google in particular, display their search results. Two of the most oft confused are the snippets, both rich and featured.

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  • Changing Domains? What Would an SEO Do?

    … SEO team involved with the product process. Disclaimer: Every domain transfer is different, depending on the size of the site, whether you are changing the site architecture, or switching to a new CMS. However, there are some critical steps that should typically be taken for the best chance of SEO success. The purpose of this post isn’t to provide…

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  • Funnel Driven Keyword Reporting

    … on your keywords in a way that intuitively ties back to the goals of your business. Now, different businesses have different goals and different means of pursuing them and yadda yadda yadda. Of course. To keep this from devolving into a cheerleading post, we will look at the specific example of tying keywords back to the goals of an inbound content…

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  • SEO and UX Lessons from Home Improvement Purgatory

    … of a wheelbarrow piled haphazardly full of every tool, gadget, and gizmo that’s ever been invented to fix anything. No chance. As a twenty-something marketer, I don’t have a lot of time to spare between SEO’ing at Portent and frosty beverages with friends on the weekend, so I need to find a solution in as short amount of time as possible. Priorities…

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  • There is No Panda Penalty. Get it?

    … to write every day, so be it. Don’t compensate by hiring $20/post writers. Write good stuff, less often Your team knows your subject matter. Consider getting an editor or editorial team before you hire writers. They can turn your team’s raw information into web-worthy content. Once you have a pipeline going, you can hire writers Panda penalties don’t exist. Good writing does. Understand the difference, and you’ll rank higher. The post There is No Panda Penalty. Get it? appeared first on Portent. …

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  • Smart Internal Linking for SEO

    …. The Desire to be User Friendly You want visitors to find what they’re looking for. That’s great, but, main navigations with a hundred links and overzealous internal linking can lead to both SEO and usability problems. From a usability perspective, choice overload will lead to decision paralysis. Instead of taking the time to go through specific…

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  • Shopify SEO in Six Simple Steps

    … for collections pages; the title of the collection automatically creates the URL and is available to edit in the Edit website SEO feature. With one exception, the /collections/all page. For this you will need a bit of theme.liquid wizardry to edit and that is not really why I’m here. Blog URLs /blogs/name-of-the-blog/8675309-title-of-the-blog-post Blog…

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