Seo: Cloaking & Doorway Pages

  • 10 tips for avoiding shady SEO providers

    … how to judge the value of the work their employer provides. Those conversations are scary, and they’re happening far too often. I thought I’d take a look at some red flags and warning signs with this week’s article here. While I’m stepping up on my soap box to preach, I’m also taking a step back and looking at the SEO industry without any…

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  • Hacked Content On The Rise: Take SEO Precautions To Protect Your Site

    …, but it actually loaded the content on the same URL. The adult content lives off the root domain. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the worst site hacks I have ever seen — definitely something you do not want to happen on your site! Due to the period of time this site has been sitting with the hacked warning, it seems no one at Quench Water…

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  • Local SEO Landing Pages 2.0

    … are not always finely crafted, and all too often, they are simple template pages with one or two key details changed for each location. Sometimes there is location greed with too many pages created; sadly, this approach is often abused by businesses and those nefarious SEO types to grab a tiny bit more SERP real estate than they really deserve…

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  • Should You Gate Content? The SEO Implications

    Content marketing is the hot topic these days, but lead generation marketers are faced with a conundrum: How do I get the visibility for my content via organic search while at the same time capturing leads? Are SEO and gated content mutually exclusive? There's no magic answer to this question, but there are some important considerations to address in order to decide your course of action.

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