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  • SEO Summit 2016 Presentations – Summary of Learning

    … My palms were sweaty as I felt the adrenaline build on my chest. Heart felt like it was roaring blood. SEO Summit is the annual event that I’m always nervous about. And you see that’s funny because it’s an event by SEO Hacker. This year was our third year. And we decided to post all the Powerpoint decks right here at our blog. I’ll try to put…

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  • What Happened at the SEO Summit 2015?

    …. This is the second year of SEO Summit goodness. The place was packed but what I’m most happy about is the level of thought leadership that was brought to the table by my co-speakers and co-panelists. You just can’t substitute the content of your conference with anything else. We’re already planning for SEO summit 2016 and we’re very much looking…

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  • SEO Secrets We Don’t Usually Blog About

    … Yep you read it right. This is the topic of our last year’s SEO Summit 2014. It’s been a year since that time and we’re thoroughly excited to finally be able to make the make the sessions of local SEO superstars Jason Acidre, Benj Arriola and Sean Si – public! Webmaster’s Note: You can download all of the videos…

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  • 8 Reasons why you should Attend the SEO Summit 2015

    … The air was thick with excitement, the crowds were buzzing, you could almost feel the energy of it all. My palms are sweating in giving the opening speech. It was SEO Summit 2014. The first-ever hacker-type SEO conference in the Philippines. That was almost a year ago. What: SEO Summit 2015 Where: Alpha Tents…

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  • 11 Things I Learned Organizing SEO Summit 2014

    I was nervous the night before. I walked to and fro my workstation – it was 2am in the morning. I was set to give the opening remarks at around 9am a few hours from then. I wasn’t going to have enough sleep. And I haven’t had a good sleep in weeks. SEO Summit 2014 was my first shot at trying to create a better standard for the hacker-type SEO conferences here in the Philippines.

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  • What Happened in the SEO Summit 2014

    … SEO Summit 2014 was the first of its kind here in the Philippines. It’s also the first seminar-type conference I’ve ever organized with the help of JCI Manila and the SEO Hacker team. It was an awesome time for SEO specialists, small to medium business owners and marketing managers alike. A Milestone SEO Hacker officially started November…

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  • 15 Tips From On The Edge Digital London 2014 #EdgeLondon

    … This year’s On The Edge Digital conference takes place at the Congress Centre in London; covering a broad selection of hot industry topics, including Digital Marketing strategy, data analysis, mobile and email marketing, as well as best-practice techniques in SEO. Check out some of the top tips from the conference. We will be updating…

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