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    • How Learning SEO Can Improve Your Writing

      Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital skill to learn if you have a website. SEO helps search engines find your site and helps you rank in the SERPs for your target keywords. If your site doesn’t follow SEO best practices, searchers can’t find your content and your traffic will remain stagnant.

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  • User Testing the SERPs: How Do Your Customers Really Search?

    … How do you know what your customers are searching for online? Most SEOs scream: MONTHLY SEARCH VOLUME Don’t worry, it isn’t their fault; even Google thinks SEO research is synonymous with Keyword research (The top 10 results for “SEO Research” are all about keyword research). The correct answer is: Ask your users! Historically, SEO…

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  • 3 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Rules [From an SEO Perspective]

    … It’s not common for SEO marketers to be hyper-focused on traffic goals and forget about the ultimate end goal: to make money. It’s awesome if someone lands on your website from a search engine result page – but what happens next?… The post 3 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Rules [From an SEO Perspective] appeared first on Seer Interactive. …

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  • The Smart SEO’s Guide to Effective Outreach

    … grab a list of family publications. You’d take a big group of media outlets, blast out a message, and hope that it hits the right people and sticks. But you’re not an advertiser or a PR person, you’re an SEO, and you can work smarter. As an SEO, you can target your audience more deftly than “young moms.” Maybe you want young, hip moms who need…

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  • Google AMP: Performance That Will Shape The Future of Search

    … standards. Our team dug into how AMP works, and we’ve learned quite a bit so far. AMP provides a great user experience – but it’s crucial to have the proper strategy and technical structure in place to ensure it works properly for your content. AMP Plugins Make it Easy to Implement If you are on WordPress, the AMP plugin is hard to pass up. While we…

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