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  • 3 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Rules [From an SEO Perspective]

    … It’s not common for SEO marketers to be hyper-focused on traffic goals and forget about the ultimate end goal: to make money. It’s awesome if someone lands on your website from a search engine result page – but what happens next?… The post 3 Top Conversion Rate Optimization Rules [From an SEO Perspective] appeared first on Seer Interactive…

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  • The Smart SEO’s Guide to Effective Outreach

    This is where we as SEOs have a competitive advantage over other marketers. Now that you understand what you’re really selling, it should be pretty easy to figure out who will care about it. Maybe your answer is “young moms.” If you were an advertiser, you’d find a list of shows moms watch or websites they visit. If you were a PR person, you’d grab a list of family publications.

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  • Google AMP: Performance That Will Shape The Future of Search

    … standards. Our team dug into how AMP works, and we’ve learned quite a bit so far. AMP provides a great user experience – but it’s crucial to have the proper strategy and technical structure in place to ensure it works properly for your content. AMP Plugins Make it Easy to Implement If you are on WordPress, the AMP plugin is hard to pass up. While we…

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  • Powerful Branded Content Marketers are Thankful For This Year

    Like Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, great content is hard to come by – and everyone wants a piece of the good stuff. I’ve read countless articles on the tips, tools, and guidelines to use when creating awesome content that resounds with my brand’s audience. However, finding the right ingredients to compile a piece of content is not an easy feat.

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  • 4 Tips To Make Relevant & Shareable Content for B2B Brands

    … B2B brands may feel that the content topics they cover are not “flashy, exciting, or sexy” enough to be covered by publications compared to the content produced by C2C companies. However, this doesn’t have to be true. By using a story idea that will build connections for your brand long-term and combining it with the age-old strategy of news…

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  • The Giant List of Free Influencer Marketing & PR Tools

    … As the digital marketing & SEO industry changes and evolves, so must the tools & techniques in our arsenal. How we form SEO strategies in particular, are radically different from how they took shape in 2010 and will likely be radically different in 2020! Growing disciplines like PR and influencer marketing have become absolutely…

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  • 7 Powerful Quotes to Boost your SEO Marketing

    ….” When in fact, content strategy should focus on much more than just creating one piece of content for one marketing goal. Strong, long-lasting content strategy is an on-going effort that immediately builds relationships. Recently, members of Seer’s SEO team created a piece of content that incorporated our client’s, a large greeting card company…

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  • Introducing Seer’s Guide to Pinterest

    … learned the potential impact of these strategies if done right. We’ve seen double-digit increases in referral traffic and revenue for profiles we’ve worked on, even generating 1,450% growth for a specific content piece marketed on Pinterest. What’s Next? Pinterest is continuing to grow in reach and features, so we’re not finished with creating…

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