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    • 14 ways to get smarter with your content and SEO

      SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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    • 7 on-site SEO problems that hold back e-commerce sites

      Not long ago, I talked about 16 very specific on-site SEO mistakes that I see very often, and how to fix those issues. Today, I want to shift the focus toward problems that plague e-commerce sites specifically. I’ll also be addressing on-site problems that have a bit more to do with strategy and a bit less to do with specific technical mistakes.

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    • SEO content strategy: How to grow visits by 300% in one year

      Content strategy is an essential part of SEO — after all, content and links are among the top three ranking factors in search. However, you can’t simply create content for content’s sake and expect to achieve any results. Millions of blog posts are published each day, so you need to create content that stands out and earns worthwhile links. This is where the strategy part comes into play.

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  • 10 ways to generate links with online influencers

    …Columnist Kevin Rowe shares tips on working with online influencers to boost your brand's link profile, its brand visibility and traffic to your site. The post 10 ways to generate links with online influencers appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. …

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  • Targeting featured snippet and ‘People also ask’ SERP features

    Search engines have a peculiar business model: They exist to quickly direct you somewhere else. This is in direct contrast to your typical web business or social platform, where they do everything they can to keep you engaged and on that platform. This can’t have escaped the notice of the good folks at Google. And now, many questions are answered directly on the search engine.

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  • 5 easy-to-miss SEO mistakes blogs make

    SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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  • How to conduct an SEO content audit

    … of their tactics and how they validate success. For example, Mercedes-Benz ensures that a majority of their content is made for (and visible to) those who are willing to pay for their high-quality cars. However, they know they want to break into a younger demographic of drivers as well. That’s why they also create content and products that fit…

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  • Designing content for the mobile-first index

    … Face it: You’re not a literary author, and people aren’t hanging on to every word you write. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have comprehensive information on a web page, but users also don’t want to scroll forever — especially on mobile. Content on mobile needs to make it easier for users to get to the main points without cutting out…

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  • Top 6 tips for SEO for SaaS

    … As with many industries, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses face unique tSEO challenges and opportunities. Before I started Marketing Mojo, I spent many years as an SEO in the technology industry. The last position I had before starting my agency was working for an online survey company, WebSurveyor, that was a competitor to Survey Monkey…

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  • 16 common on-site SEO mistakes you might be making right now

    … SEO is more than inbound marketing. There’s massive overlap, but there’s a technical side to SEO that sometimes gets neglected, especially by casual followers of the industry. As somebody who spends a great deal of time looking at sites searching for opportunities to optimize, I notice patterns that creep up often: technical mistakes that show…

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  • How to do advanced page-level keyword research

    …, using a real site as an example. Follow along and learn how you can leverage this process for your own SEO strategy. Identify opportunities for improvement The first step in page ideation should be identifying potential opportunities. My wife and I recently welcomed our first child — a beautiful baby boy named Liam — to the world. So in honor…

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  • 3 reasons SEO belongs at the beginning of a project, not the end

    … Too many marketers still bring SEO in at the end of a content marketing project. They finish a blog post or finalize a new marketing campaign, and at the end of the line, SEO comes in to find related keywords and plug them into content. Unfortunately, this approach is outdated and completely ineffective. Robust, modern SEO research can…

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  • Got amazing content but no leads? 5 ways to rethink your paid strategy

    … converts well for you in organic search, target it with paid, even if the search volume is low. The more focused your content, the better able you’ll be to alleviate your audience’s pain point(s) and convert them into customers. Strategy 2: Build an audience with Gmail Ads Gmail boasts over 1 billion active monthly users. With that stat in mind…

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  • Are you a content hoarder? Maybe it’s time for a blog cleanup

    … it and should be reevaluated. HubSpot calls this hoarding-aversion strategy “historical optimization.” They’ve seen incredible improvement in their conversion rates and organic SEO rankings simply by optimizing their outdated blog posts. And you can do this, too — all without writing brand-new content! Less is sometimes more Right now, the web…

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  • Developing content for the customer journey

    … Ten years ago, referring to content on a page as “SEO content” was often appropriate. Keyword density was still a strong factor for ranking page content, and SEO professionals struggled with achieving SEO objectives while still providing an engaging content experience for the customer. Today, I still occasionally hear content requested…

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