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  • How to Use Pop Ups Without Negatively Affecting Your SEO

    … Google’s devaluation of intrusive pop-ups and other invasive interstitials to heighten mobile user experience has affected the overall use of the traditional pop-up. SEO experts have constantly questioned if they should still use the pop-feature or not. At any rate, advertising through pop-ups really do work. That is why a great number…

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  • Your Rankings Won’t Improve Until You Try These Techniques

    This happens more often than a seasoned SEO practitioner would think: They exert all their efforts into making sure that their strategy is top-notch, white hat, and is used by many; only to garner little, to no results. Why does this happen though? Many businesses that dabble on SEO are mystified when they do everything correctly, but their search rankings just would not improve.

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  • Combining SEO and PPC as a Strategy and their Pros and Cons

    … Search Engine Optimization has been in existence for a number of years, and with it came other alternatives that practitioners can use. There is no doubt that SEO is at the top of the list when ranking a website is the topic at hand. Using SEO as a marketing strategy, however, also has its setbacks and problems that numerous people have often…

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  • How HTTPS Affects SEO and Why You Should Make the Move

    … Dr. Peter J. Meyers of Moz recently published their findings on HTTPS. Almost a year ago, Dr. Pete wrote that 30% of page-1 Google results that they studied were secure in that they were using HTTPS. He went on to reveal that recently this week, that number has peaked to 50%. Based on what Dr. Pete wrote, it can be inferred…

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  • 5 Pieces of SEO Advice You Should Ignore Immediately

    … Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important feature that enables improved website visibility and recognition online. Without it, you might as well stand on the street and yell at people to check out your website. However, SEO is a strategy that needs to be implemented the right way in order for it to provide the best results. There…

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  • How to Create a Web Marketing Strategy on a Tight Budget

    … be difficult, but is actually possible. Let’s take a look at some tips on how. Plan Ahead With any extensive marketing plan, the key to success is to be prepared. Whether content marketing, link-building, SEO, or pay-per-click advertising, having a solid plan of action before committing is essential. As an example, many businesses, large and small, plan…

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  • Content Writing in 2017 Is Easier Than You think

    … Proper content writing is essential in any SEO or marketing efforts. Ultimately, content writing is a big factor on whether or not a visitor of your website will stay or leave. To make sure that your website ranks and visitors stay on your website you have to offer them quality content. Quality content is often a challenge because you have…

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  • AMP Content Links Spread Outside of Search Results

    … of their platform AMP friendly. This upward trend will continue well on into the future – and I intend to be a part of it. Anyway, the “big publishers” will definitely continue experimenting and innovating with AMP and I think that’s great. Anything that makes the user-experience better is good for SEO, at least in my opinion. What are your thoughts with AMP? Do you like the changes that are happening? Let me know in the comments below! …

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  • The Key to Global Selling Success: Accurate Translation

    … countries, right? Many translation businesses don’t take localization into account when they translate. What can happen if the translator doesn’t take into account exactly who will be reading the copy s/he is translating? Knowing your audience, its culture and its values is extremely important in translation, as it is in copywriting. You want…

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  • SEO Defined in 60 Seconds [Animated Video]

    … resources If you’d like additional information about SEO, visit these three resources: SEO Copywriting Made Simple 10 Steps a Local Business Can Take Today to Improve Search Rankings SEO Is Dead: Long Live OC/DC Learn more from the Content Marketing Glossary Ready to master content marketing essentials? Watch all of our animated…

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