Seo: Crawling And Robots

    • 5 must-do technical SEO audit items in 2017

      In recent months, we’ve seen many important technically focused Google announcements, such as an update on JavaScript crawling support, the migration toward mobile-first indexing, the release and extended support of AMP in search results and the expansion of search results features, from rich snippets to cards to answers.

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    • Focus on these 5 areas to deliver big results in e-commerce SEO

      When it comes to e-commerce SEO at scale, many of the traditional tactics used for on-site optimization simply aren’t feasible. How are you going to write individually optimized titles/meta descriptions for hundreds of thousands of products? How are you going to perform keyword research for the millions of different keyword combinations your products might rank for? Because o ...

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  • SEO & website design: Everything you need to know

    … months back, I looked at 28 key factors in creating mobile SEO-friendly websites that will help you move beyond simple mobile-friendly responsive design. From an SEO perspective, it is worth noting that mobile-friendliness is a confirmed ranking factor for mobile search, and it is the mobile version of your site that will be used by the search…

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  • 3 steps to overcoming site issues that impact performance

    … with a website if they do not find the content and the layout attractive. The design of the site matters, and failing to account for this can result in higher bounce rates and poor engagement. Source: Adobe, The State of Content Report 2015 Discussion of common site problems would not be complete without mention of the various errors that can…

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  • Why you need to get back to SEO basics

    …. Crawler access If search engine crawlers have a hard time crawling your site, they’ll have a hard time indexing and ranking your pages, too. As a site owner or SEO, your first and most important job is to make sure that your site is crawlable. Using the robots.txt file, you can help direct and assist the web crawlers that are crawling your site. There…

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  • How we hijacked Google’s SEO guide search rankings

    … internally, both for our SEO Spider software and as an agency for clients. This particular experiment was purely for fun to highlight the issue we discovered, without the intention of hurting anyone, or indeed for any profit. We have now ended the experiment and removed the content. Background We had previously been in touch with Google after noticing…

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  • Relaunching your website? Don’t forget an SEO audit!

    … again, I find that many CMSs need a plugin to do this. The Yoast SEO plugin will also perform this task. If your URLs will be changing, which can be common with a new CMS, have you mapped out and programmed your 301 redirects? Programming 301 redirects is essential if you’re relaunching to ensure that when those URLs do change, Google and the other…

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  • Fun with robots.txt

    … used on to embed an entire game into the file. Head over to and play Robots Robots Revolution! Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Patrick Stox is an SEO Specialist for IBM and an organizer for the Raleigh SEO Meetup, the most successful SEO Meetup in the US. …

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  • It’s scary how many ways SEO can go wrong

    … character that’s located at the start of a file (and it’s essentially meaningless from an SEO perspective). Some programs will add the BOM to a text file, which … can remain invisible to the person creating the text file. And the BOM can cause serious problems when Google tries to read the file. … [W]hen your robots.txt file contains the UTF-8 BOM…

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  • Exploring a newly-granted Google patent around social signals

    … fits that bill perfectly. We’re heard repeatedly from Google that social interactions are not a search ranking signal. In fact, you can read a Tweet from Google’s Gary Illyes in response to the statement, “Some controversy over whether Google takes social into account for SEO….” His reply: So the answer is “No,” right? Maybe, and here’s where…

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