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    • A comprehensive guide to SSL certificates

      A full range of SSL products are available on the market today that cater to various domain and security needs. Though many webmasters are exploring the possibilities, hoping a move to SSL will boost their search rankings, it can be overwhelming to try to compare these options, let alone fully understand what you’re paying for.

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  • Canonical chaos: doubling down on duplicate content

    … is running on HTTP and HTTPS, and the CMS has no way to force the protocol and/or subdomain for canonical URLs. Developers take a checklist approach to SEO, implementing the canonical tag without really understanding what it is for and populating it with the address bar URL. Correcting your canonicals In most cases, duplicate content issues can…

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  • For e-commerce success: SEO > aesthetics

    … that are built with users in mind help your online audience (and search engine crawlers) understand where they are within your site, as well as how they can continue working their way down the conversion funnel. For tips, check out this great infographic by John Lincoln and Brian Dean on SEO-friendly URL structure. Meaningful content Similar to product…

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  • Multi-location local SEO strategy: domain structure

    … search terms above online directories like Yelp, Insider Pages and more. Often, during the initial research phase of the customer journey, a consumer is looking for a product or service but is brand-agnostic. Leveraging this type of local SEO strategy can help drive in-store sales from these brand-agnostic consumers by tapping into coveted geo…

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  • Search competitor analysis: backlinks, keywords and pages

    … to market. Loot Crate was founded in 2012 vs. 2013 (Nerd Block) and 2014 (Geek Fuel). Comparing these numbers to 1Up Box’s referring domains shows that 1Up Box is lagging behind (except for Geek Me Box): 1Up Box is a major underdog compared to Loot Crate in terms of links and organic search. In fact, I can use SEMrush to quickly assess how 1Up Box…

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  • Optimizing your internal link structure

    … Let’s begin by quickly talking about what an internal link is. An internal link is a link from a webpage to another resource on the same domain. That resource may be another webpage (what we’ll be focusing on here) but can also include links to media files, downloads and more. Here are two primary considerations we need to make when thinking…

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  • SEO requirements for a new website platform

    … and relevant to the page it represents. While it is true that auto-generating title tags based on category, subcategory, filters and the brand name may allow you to pass this “requirement,” it is common sense that, for advanced SEO, you should expect your platform of choice to allow you to customize each page’s title tag. 13. Meta description tags…

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  • Is your HTTPS setup causing SEO issues?

    … be that the HTTP 301 redirects to the HTTPS. Here is a list of the best practices for a correct HTTPS setup to avoid SEO issues: Ensure your HTTPS site version is added in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. In Google Search Console, add both the www and non-www versions. Set your preferred domain under the HTTPS versions. 301 redirect HTTP URL…

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  • 10 factors that may be impacting your organic traffic

    … Whether you’re a seasoned SEO or someone who runs your own business, you know there are fluctuations in your organic traffic, but you may struggle to pinpoint the root cause. Organic search, unlike its paid counterpart, comes with a unique set of challenges in diagnosing a decline in traffic and conversions. There are some obvious places you…

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  • How to quickly find and export all subdomains indexed by Google

    … An SEO audit is rarely limited to the www (or non-www) version of a website. When looking for potential duplicate content, it’s often important to know how many subdomains exist and, more importantly, how many of them are indexed by Google. The good old search operators An easy way to find indexed subdomains is to use search operators. Start…

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  • Infographic: The ultimate guide to SEO-friendly URLs

    … When it comes to URL structure and SEO, there can be a lot of confusion and debate. To help, Brian Dean, Founder of Backlinko and I, CEO of Ignite Visibility, compiled tips drawn from commonly shared wisdom and accepted advice. From URL length to keyword usage to canonical issues to folders to status codes, it’s all listed in this infographic…

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