Seo: Duplicate Content

    • 3 steps to overcoming site issues that impact performance

      Over the past two decades, as the online world has experienced exponential growth, websites have become increasingly complex. Web pages have evolved from simple HTML pages with a few graphics to responsive, personalized pages that focus on the user experience. In tandem with the growing sophistication of websites, customers’ quality standards have also matured.

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  • Canonical chaos: doubling down on duplicate content

    … is running on HTTP and HTTPS, and the CMS has no way to force the protocol and/or subdomain for canonical URLs. Developers take a checklist approach to SEO, implementing the canonical tag without really understanding what it is for and populating it with the address bar URL. Correcting your canonicals In most cases, duplicate content issues can…

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  • For e-commerce success: SEO > aesthetics

    … of what SEO is or how it works. Because of this, most people who are responsible for managing online inventories tend to exclude product descriptions, create shallow descriptions or pull descriptions directly from the manufacturer. Without product descriptions that are informative, engaging and unique, your products will be unable to rank well…

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  • The myth of the duplicate content penalty

    … Many people are more afraid of duplicate content than they are of spammy links. There are so many myths around duplicate content that people actually think it causes a penalty and that their pages will compete against each other and hurt their website. I see forum posts, Reddit threads, technical audits, tools, and even SEO news websites…

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  • Don’t get duped by duplicate content: 8 quick checks for every SEO

    … crawl budget — which could prevent new pages from getting crawled and indexed. Some of the best tools in your arsenal include canonical tags, 301 redirects, nofollow/noindex tags and utilizing parameter controls. Work to reduce duplicate content by adding these quick checks to your monthly SEO maintenance routine. Some opinions expressed…

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  • SEO requirements for a new website platform

    …). With that, I’d consider friendly URLs as key to a site’s SEO. 11. Navigation depth & inclusions able to be customized In other words, you should be able to choose to include (or not to include) subcategories in your top navigation. Similarly, retailers should have the ability to choose to not include an e-commerce category in top navigation…

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  • Is your HTTPS setup causing SEO issues?

    … be that the HTTP 301 redirects to the HTTPS. Here is a list of the best practices for a correct HTTPS setup to avoid SEO issues: Ensure your HTTPS site version is added in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. In Google Search Console, add both the www and non-www versions. Set your preferred domain under the HTTPS versions. 301 redirect HTTP URL…

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  • 10 tips for avoiding shady SEO providers

    … how to judge the value of the work their employer provides. Those conversations are scary, and they’re happening far too often. I thought I’d take a look at some red flags and warning signs with this week’s article here. While I’m stepping up on my soap box to preach, I’m also taking a step back and looking at the SEO industry without any…

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  • Jump-Start Your SEO With These 6 Surefire Tactics

    … I’m often asked the question, “Where do I start with SEO?” Though there is no one-size-fits-all approach, my answer is generally to find the biggest need for your site and start chipping away at it. It’s kind of like paying off your credit card bills. Pay the one with the highest interest rate first so you’re spending less on interest and more…

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  • Six Key Themes From “Meet The Search Engines” At SMX East

    … On October 1, I attended the “Meet the Search Engines” panel at SMX East. This panel had Google’s Gary Illyes and Bing’s Duane Forrester on stage, with Search Engine Land founding editor Danny Sullivan moderating. In this post, I plan to review six key themes from the discussion. Theme 1: AJAX Crawling Back in October of 2009, Google…

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  • SEO Disasters: Preventing The Unthinkable

    … Like any SEO veteran, I can recount my share of horror stories — launching Google Analytics and noticing that sudden, sickening drop in traffic. Sometimes, sudden drops in traffic may be the result of an algorithm changes (such as Panda). However, in many cases, they are caused by bugs, inadvertent changes or overambitious engineers…

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  • What Makes Enterprise SEO And Does Your Site Need It?

    … based on the sheer amount of content. Authority is another divider between enterprise and non-enterprise sites, at least for the sake of SEO. Websites with lots of external links and other authority factors will have more PageRank to pass to deep pages. Popular sites may benefit from Google’s supposed brand bias as well. By contrast, there are a lot…

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  • Syndicated Content: Why, When & How

    Done correctly, syndication can be a very effective way to help develop your reputation and visibility online. To many, this is a controversial topic, but it really shouldn't be. You just need to know why it can help you, when to do it and how to do it the right way. And that's what I am going to take on today in this column.

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