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    • A technical argument for quality content

      Those who know me know that I’m primarily a technical SEO. I like on-site content optimization to be sure, but I like what I can measure — and now that keyword densities are mostly gone, I find it slightly less rewarding during the process (though equally rewarding via the outcome). For this reason, I’ve never been a huge fan of the “quality content is awesome for rankings s ...

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    • 3 steps to overcoming site issues that impact performance

      Over the past two decades, as the online world has experienced exponential growth, websites have become increasingly complex. Web pages have evolved from simple HTML pages with a few graphics to responsive, personalized pages that focus on the user experience. In tandem with the growing sophistication of websites, customers’ quality standards have also matured.

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  • Why UX is pivotal to the future of SEO

    … search performance — especially if we consider how machine learning is becoming ever more central to search algorithms and incorporating areas such as search sequence, as well as content quality, structure and sentiment. To keep pace, agencies and marketers must broaden their SEO approach by placing a much greater focus on UX across the full range…

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  • Has machine learning created a new model for SEO ranking?

    … SEO” is pretty imperfect if you’ve created content that ranks on search engines but doesn’t get any clicks. It doesn’t matter how many links you have pointing at your page or if it’s optimized with all the right keywords — if the engagement is too low, then you’re out. Of course, you won’t be out immediately. Google will continue auditioning…

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  • 6 ways to grow your podcast audience with SEO

    … Along with technical SEO and links, high-quality, interesting, engaging content is one of the three main pillars of any successful SEO strategy. Traditional content strategies use blog posts, articles, images, and sometimes video as the main sources of content. And while those can be awesome for driving traffic and supporting your SEO efforts…

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  • Connect audience insight to your SEO strategy

    …. (On mobile, that gap is even wider.) For example, it is very common to identify different points in the purchase path in SEO by walking down the long tail and grouping up terms with semantic meaning that align with stronger “buy” intention, but it is also possible to align that intent-led strategy with our rich audience data to understand who our…

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  • Exploring a newly-granted Google patent around social signals

    … is not simply traditional social sites but all things that could be considered social. This includes email, chat programs, blog posts, review sites, etc. One might even think that their own product Allo could be considered a vehicle to gain connection information. Section 31 They wrote: … the membership and degree of separation in the social graph…

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  • Content and SEO: Building linkable content

    … also share your content plan and goals with them and explain why your piece will genuinely benefit the greater community. Example content: The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever by Jon Cooper Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO put together one of the best link-building roundups in the SEO industry. Cooper contacted 50+ legitimate experts from…

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  • What Netflix can teach us about long-tail keyword research

    … exactly what their individual users want to see. They don’t just pull these categories out of nowhere. They are backed by data. As SEO gets more and more personalized, we can learn a lot from these obscure Netflix categories and drive more targeted traffic with hyper-focused long-tail keywords. Keyword research still matters. There are many…

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  • Digitizing traditional marketing methods to compete in local search

    … For local brands and companies, it can be hard to initially bridge the gap between traditional and digital marketing. Many local companies, even very successful ones, see more value in traditional marketing methods than inbound digital engagement. Recently, we’ve seen brands increase local search performance by digitizing traditional marketing…

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  • Test points to likely influence of click-through rate on search rankings

    … There has been a lot written about click-through rate (CTR) as it relates to SEO. Some say that it really doesn’t matter. Others say that it is very possible it does. Reading articles, experiments and case studies is great, but we’re always eager to test things out for ourselves. We maintain a bunch of test websites for just that purpose…

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  • The human side to SEO: the power of personas

    … through content that speaks to their deepest needs, you’ll increase engagement, shares and more — all of which, in return, impacts traffic, leads, brand identity and so on. Start creating your persona profiles I hope this post helped explain and encourage you to think deeper about the person behind your SEO strategy. By defining your audience…

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  • Common misconceptions when measuring SEO content performance

    …, in many others, it will be a false flag. At worst, these metrics can even be indicators of poorly performing content. Here are some common misconceptions: Bounce rates should always be low across the site. A high average time on site indicates strong-performing content. A high average of pages per visit signals positive user engagement. Misconception…

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