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    • Are technical and content audits still relevant?

      Technical and content audits have been the backbone of SEO for many years, and while they play a valuable role, their scope has expanded as search has evolved. Audits now cover much more than purely technical factors such as indexation, status codes and broken links. To stay relevant, audits have broadened to include aspects such as site navigation, content engagement, conten ...

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    • Seasonal SEO: Identifying your merriest times of the year

      Often when we think about the holidays, we envision panicked crowds on Black Friday, Cyber Monday desk shoppers and last-minute gifters filling their cart on Christmas Eve. We think about the winter holiday season. That’s no surprise, since last year, the winter holidays accounted for over $658 billion in sales, according to NRF.

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    • Google thaws (a little) on defamation cases

      Google’s recent freeze on granting defamation removal requests has thawed a little. Even so, the company’s actions around harmful and dishonest items attacking the reputations of individuals and organizations continue to be mystifyingly inconsistent. In this column, I’ll share some facts and thoughts on how defamation victims should proceed given the current environment.

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  • An answer box experiment (my journey into known and unknown factors)

    Disclaimer: I’m sharing my experience below without making any claims. I’m simply sharing my observations in hopes the SEO industry might be able to further test with me. Remember, correlation does not imply causation. I’m fascinated by Answer Boxes. You know, these things: While Answer Boxes go back several years, they have become more prevalent in recent years.

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  • Easy visualizations of PageRank and Page Groups with Gephi

    In April of last year, Search Engine Land contributor Paul Shapiro wrote a brilliant post on Calculating Internal PageRank. The post outlined a method to look at a website’s internal linking in order to determine the importance of pages within the website. This is amazingly powerful, but I think Paul’s concept could be more user-friendly.

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  • Selling the value of link building to management

    … There is a never-ending issue all SEOs must face: fighting for budget. I’ve found this to be especially true when it comes to link building. SEO, although technical in nature, can be explained in real-world measures to upper management. There’s data, traffic levels, technical configurations and on-site elements directly in your control…

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  • Link free or die

    SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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  • Can we machine-learn Google’s machine-learning algorithm?

    …. If your competitor got killed doing something Google didn’t like, you’d be sure that as long as you didn’t commit the same mistake, you’d be OK. But recent evidence is beginning to show that this SEO idiom no longer holds. Machine learning has made these penalties specific to each keyword environment. SEO professionals no longer have a static set…

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  • Broken link building made easy

    … I see questions on forums every day from people asking how they can build links to their website. There are many ways to build links, but there’s one tactic in particular that I believe deserves a modern update: broken link building. Rather than declaring something dead or saying it doesn’t work, SEOs should be working on improving methods…

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  • Missed link-building opportunities: Reclaiming broken links

    …, but they also represent potential inbound links that are now broken and lost. Or can those links be reclaimed? I have two techniques you might want to try. Reclaiming broken links with Google Search Console Google Search Console is free, making it a popular choice for attaining link information about a website. However, as Russ Jones, principal search…

    Janet Driscoll Miller/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 15 readers -
  • Seasonal and holiday link building

    … can’t spam your way to the top with thousands of manipulative links in short order (Penguin now devalues those links in real time); you need to consistently secure worthwhile links over the long term to achieve sustained organic visibility. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to build links to seasonal keyword pages and be prepared for traffic surges…

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  • It’s time to get ready for the holidays (Yes, really!)

    …-minute SEO for the holidays. As a quick refresher, here’s what I advised might impact a site’s rankings with just weeks to make a difference: Making sure your Google My Business is present and accurate Optimizing your titles and descriptions for click-throughs Optimizing for long-tail keywords Hijacking rankings — that is, buying advertising…

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  • Refreshing competitive search strategies in 2017

    … pertinent keywords from this report, create ad copy that differentiates your brand/products and start bidding. Emerging trends: SEO and paid search keyword changes As search marketers, we can get tunnel vision with a core set of keywords and an ongoing performance optimization intent. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it should be balanced…

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  • Do organic keyword rankings matter anymore?

    … High keyword rankings are the most sought-after achievement in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). Small businesses and brands alike strive to obtain the first organic listing in search results because of the lucrative traffic and lead opportunities that are associated with this position. But with the evolution of paid advertising…

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  • SEO priorities for the new year

    …. Google Search Console review Google Search Console is often neglected, but it can be one of the best sources of information for identifying quick wins. Working through Search Console’s navigation from top to bottom, I would look for any errors or warnings. The main areas to review include: Structured data. Ensure there are no errors within your…

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  • Using agile project management for SEO & digital marketing

    … SEO and digital marketing are incredibly complicated, and the digital landscape is in constant evolution and flux. New platforms. New competitors. The new world of marketing has evolved, yet processes for managing and adapting to change have not always kept pace. There is much to learn here from the worlds of manufacturing and software…

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